Art out of waste (coconut tree trunck)

We had our second visit to India from Germany during peek summer of 2017. The summer was so horrible that we could find lakes and ponds free from water. Because of water scarcity people started to trim off dried coconut trees. Luckily my uncle chopped the coconut trees around his home. For a remembrance I asked for a piece of the trunck and with much affection he gave us a piece of the coconut tree. After three months of planning we started to paint it red for our hall, and planned a cover using Malai Dori and scrubber yarn.

Before painting we dried the piece on sunlight continuously to get dried. And during painting we poured some kerosene to reduce fungus. To give it a roller chair effect we bought a stand which is used for gas cylinder. Now handmade roller chair is ready. By the way to give a sponge effect on top we added a cushion with sponge below the crochet cover.

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