Oru Muthassi Gadha

                     I loved the way of, how the director, Jude Anthany Joseph portrayed the character of a grandmother in a family. The story made me remember my childhood days in Irenipuram where our grandparents resided after my grandfather’s retirement. Since my grandfather served in the judicial department as a sub-judge, my grandmother had several maids for household activities. She used to be like the muthassi in ” Oru Muthassi Gadha “. The song “jam thakita” is a copy paste of my grandma’s funny events in our home. The highlight of the movie is the bucket list of muthassi and the way they accomplished the wishes on the list. The flashback is as usual and I loved the twist. My favorite background in the movie is the house of muthassi where they reside. And finally, they made me remember the old age home which we used to visit on August 4th annually, in fond remembrance of our grandpa.

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Christmas table deco

We planned to celebrate our daughter’s birthday in Germany during the first advent week, so the festive season is on.. We decorated our home based on the season. Here comes the video of what we did for our serving display…

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Here I am going to share you with the idea, which inspired me to do the following in our cutie’s birthday celeb. I used the idea from the video https://youtu.be/vnOp39XJ-qU.  For our celeb I decided to hide something for the guests so I stopped doing the craft at some point, so that I can hide them.

Here is my video for the bday celeb. https://youtu.be/NaAsW3NtzLw

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Mat made out of T-shirt yarn

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Today lets try our hands on diy from waste. Yes, being in Germany alone for most of the hours when he spends his time in research we #reneeandinnus used to do something unique to have a room decor. 

One day as soon as he left he for his research works we tried our hands on making t-shirt yarn and completing a project…….for our room decor…. 

Here is the videograph of the project and hope you all try your hands on this..since I used the very basic stitches to complete the project.

Hope you all are following our art work and here is a small glimpse on how we did a small makeover of our room to bring a forest theme for her first birthday blast.

Forest theme room decor – handmade with love
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Advent to welcome Weihnachten

I heard the term advent for the first time after my child’s birth in Germany from our church.  When we were attending a Sunday service in Germany, we were astonished to see a wonderful advent crown in the altar being hung near the wooden cross. Our friends from the church explained us what an advent is and why is it celebrated. Now for the first time we created our own advent crown.

The crown was created with twigs, leaves and rowan fruits.

For videograph..

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