Blend of advent and Indian dish

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Hope you all read the previous post on schokoladen festival– the festival of handmade chococlates. Soon I received texts from my friends wishing me as it blended the two festivals. So I decided to update the next post which is similar to the previous one.

Since the advent is nearing, we can travel through our advent days in Tübingen. During our stay in Germany we attended the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Kirche, where normal services are in Deutsch and an English service once in a month, which is followed by potluck dinner. Whenever I hear the term potluck dinner, I remember our first day in church. The day on which I had the lasagne, for the first time. Till my delivery I was unable to prepare anything for potluck dinner. So I tried Sarkarai pongal for the first time after Iniya was born, and I got acceptance from people around the globe.

For people in India preparing  Sambhar and idly is nothing, for us it like experiments in a chemistry lab. For  the idly batter we need to grind two different rice( langkornreis and parboiledreis) in a proportion and urid dal from getgrocery.

For Sambhar, we get toor dal from getgrocery and masala prepared from India. For vegetables, we ought to check for the available ones. I used to prepare ghee in home, so its homemade.

The service was over and the dinner was displayed on a table. We maintained silence to have the surprise. Our pastor took an idly and Sambhar in a bowl and had it with a spoon, praising the dish. My mind voice said… “Hurrah you passed the exam”.  Yes, they loved the dishes.

Hope you all enjoyed the first post on our advent days. Meet you soon with a new post on advent.

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