urssujitandrenee -1 (how it was coined)

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts…. from urssujitandrenee

As soon as you read the heading, your mind will be asking a question, “what’s urssujitandrenee?”. To know what’s it all about, we ought to go back to 2014. Yes, 2014 the year when Sujit and Renee got introduced with the help of Dr Babu Johnrose who owns a hospital in Melpuram. Yes, Sujit came to our home on 1-1-2014 and our wedding got fixed.

From then we had so many plans, designing our wedding event. Among those plans one was our website. Yes, we decided to launch a website www.urssujitandrenee.com for wedding with some future plans thats how we coined the word. Unluckily my father in law and brother in law stopped our plans saying I should take care Iniya alone and blocked our plans with a secret plan in their mind which will be revealed in future posts.

Ok let it be, we reneeandinnus, did a rewind of how www.urssujitandrenee.com should be developed and thought why can’t we share our experience with you all..? So here comes our rewind of urssujitandrenee episode 1.

Memories from our wedding diaries

Since its rewind, we decided to start from the most precious memories of urssujitandrenee. The above pic was taken from the ceremony – a day before our wedding.

The most valuable pic from our collection…. yes, the pic of his was the one, which he forwarded when the function was going on in two different places. And the pic of mine was shot when he stepped into our marriage hall…bringing it to our most precious collection…. A few more details are there behind the pic, which I guess can be updated as next episode.. Since we love sharing our roller coaster ride.

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Basic steps to start Crochet to be unique

A very big hai to everyone. Hope you are all doing great during this pandemic. Thanks to everyone from #reneeandinnus who landed up on this page.

We believe that your eagerness towards crochet came after seeing those beautiful crochet products online by amazing crafters and wanna know more on the initial steps to start out crocheting.

Crochet products

The following post will guide you the basics of crochet for a fresher to dwell into the ocean of crochet without getting drowned.

Crochet is one of the cheapest hobby when you start learning, yes, I said right. Later the art makes you yarnaholic seeing all those gorgeous yarns and start hoarding them. Crochet is a n art which is based on yarn and hooks. There are few more requirements which you can pin after reading the complete post.

Yarns yarns yarns

Step 1

The first step to start crochet is to identify the products, whether its gonna be an outfit or a room decor.

What’s next if its an outfit ?

When you choose the product as an outfit, give a pat on your shoulder. Yes, you are gonna become a person to rock the floor with unique outfits. Keep on reading to know how its gonna happen. To chose an outfit we should consider the major factor – age group. Because babies needed baby soft cotton

Yarn vendors from whom I have shopped till now

The above mentioned lists are the vendors who have website from where we can start our yarn hoarding.

The above mentioned lists are the vendors who don’t have website but they have an amazing Insta page where we can start our yarn hoarding. I have given the link above.

What’s next if its a room decor ?

Home decor can be made of any type of yarn.

Step 2

Then comes the major part hooks…. Yes the following pic holds some of the hook varieties. The first pic is the metallic hook followed by clover hooks, tulip hook and light hooks. Though I suggest the first metallic hook for the beginners, I personally suggest the clover soft touch which is quite an amazing collection which got added due my sister’s compulsion, and I fell in love with it. Being light weight its quite easy to crochet for a very long time without any pain.

The above pic has the various hook varieties which I own currently. Its Sujit Rajappa who first gifted those coloured metallic hooks as a part of my pre wedding gifts. Thanks to my akka who compelled me to buy the remaining hooks. I am eagerly waiting for that one hook which is half way down the making process….which I will be updating in my Insta page. In the following video I have explained in detail about the hooks.

Step 3

Then comes the basic stitches. Check out the following link to know more about the stitches.

Pattern Selection

As soon as you learn the basic stitches, then choose a pattern. The pic below is an example of different patterns which I have designed.

To shop some of our products and pattern

Crochet is probably one of the cheapest hobbies to get started with and one of the most beneficial to learn! It is also a wonderful form of self-care, and crochet improves your memory. It’s really quite fascinating right. What are you waiting for ? Grab up your hooks and start crocheting.

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Crochet Products and patterns from Iniyaworld

Crochet Products

We Iniyaworld try to design unique crochet products out of high quality crochet yarns selected with most care to suite anyone and rock the floor.


When I found this mustard colour viscose yarn from yarnkart, seeing its beauty and texture I ordered this for our dream event by schoenencrafts to reveal this tops as a part of our advent calendar.

Tops Mustard Series

Christmas tis a season of joy filled with happiness is always portrayed with the colour red and green. When I found this viscose yarn from yarnkart, I ordered this.

Tops Coral Series
Halter Tops
Shibaanii halter tops
Baby products
Rosy Lana Tops
Baby Blanket Azi Series
Prairie Series

The product catalog from which you can select the product which ought to be remade. and for shopping our products check out our shopping part.

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Make an Erdbeeren/ strawberry velvet cake and rock the crowd

Hallo! to all members of Iniyaworld family….Hope you are all doing good during this pandemic. Though we are new to this pandemic, the tech world has helped us to tackle this pandemic a lot. In fact its becoming our trend to try something unique from our kitchen for the past few years…and today its from our baking zone to add memories of our baking diaries.

We guess you might have done a google to know what Erdbeeren is all about seeing the title. Its nothing new and is commonly known as Strawberry. It was Iniya who compelled me to try this unique flavour..on going through her snaps in rewind series…..after the polaroids reached home. In case you have missed our rewind session here it is….

Meanwhile those who are following my blog, are familiar with some experiments I tried in cooking. For people who are new can land in the following link to have a glance on our trials. We used to wait for the perfect output to get the ingredients….since I am based on taste cooking.

The world famous red velvet cake, has its trademark red colour from its traditional dutch processed cocoa powder which gives this red colour. Nowadays, bakers bring the red colour using the food colour than the cocoa powder gradually altering the traditional cake. Lets try something unique than following the trademark red velvet cake.

  • Butter – 100 grams
  • Sugar 1 1/2 cups
  • Egg – 2
  • Butter milk 1/2 cup ( homemade)
  • Strawberry flavour – 1 teaspoon
  • Vinegar – 2 teaspoon
  • All purpose flour – 2 cups
  • Baking soda – 1 teaspoon
  • Baking powder – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Salt – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Cool butter to room temperature and beat them till it softens
  • Add sugar little by little and beat till it softens.
  • Beat one egg at a time
  • Then add 1 tsp vinegar and mix well.
  • Add strawberry flavour and mix well.
  • Add flour in parts along with buttermilk(flour, buttermilk and flour always end with flour)
  • Add baking powder, salt, baking soda and remaining vinegar and mix well.

Bake them for 30 mins in 160 degrees and here is our dessert table…..serve them in your unique style to rock the crowd.

Thanks to my little princess who makes me to try something unique to be unique…at the same time for her to enjoy during the making process and on the table.

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Souffle recipe with limited ingredients in our style of rocking the dessert table

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Hope you all have seen our last video in our channel, if not land in our channel to know Iniyas surprise…..So lets jump into today’s topic.

From the heading hope you all have guessed….yes, we #reneeandinnus tried Souffle cake . Its our craze to do some experiments in our kitchen from the idea we gather from people, and the biggest search giant Google. For any experiment to be successful we need the basic ingredients…..

Hope you are all shocked to see the ingredients…yes, thats what I used to make six mini souffle cakes….the steps are very damn easy to make….

Steps followed

Steps to be followed

  • Separate the egg white and yolk.
  • Beat egg white and add sugar gradually.
  • Add the vinegar to make the eggs stiffen
  • Beat egg yolk with a fork
  • Add milkmaid and beat the yolk
  • Add milk and beat them
Steps to be followed
  • Add pista flavor, (grounded nuts optional) and beat them.
  • Add flour and mix them well with the fork.
  • In this mixture add the stiffed egg white yolk and mix it with fork without disturbing the aerated yolk.
  • Heat a pan and grease it with butter or ghee. Pour a little batter and cook for 2 mins. Turn them and cook for two mins.

The cake is ready within mins….serve them with honey, or dates syrup for toddlers to enjoy the breakfast…

Do try it out and send your version to rqubeworld2017@gmail.com so that we will be happy to create new version of foods.

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