Cheesy chicken curry recipe with limited Ingredients

A warm welcome to everyone who landed up in this page….Hope you are all doing good….

Hope you all received a small clue from the heading….yes, today we are gonna try our hands on chicken… To make Innus complete the plate without any tantrums its becoming a experiment lab than a kitchen..without any further ado lets start making the dish.

Chicken curry

To make the cheesy chicken curry do as in the video and at last after switching off the flame, add the needed quantity of shredded cheddar and mozaralla cheese, which gets melted due to the heat of chicken, to give the cheesy chicken curry. This goes well with any main course.

Cheesy chicken curry

For our further cooking experiments have glance on the following link. Do subscribe to the channel to watch our videos after getting notified.

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Crab Gravy with limited Ingredients

crab gravy

A warm welcome to Iniyaworld…. Today lets try something new from the kitchen. Hope you all tried our previous post Quail Egg Curry . We Iniyaworld believe that you all have done experiment….in the kitchen….

Though our home town is kilometres away from the ocean, because of lockdown its difficult for us to shop sea foods. And luckily I could find this seafood ingredient for Innus to enjoy it for the first time…..Yes, for the first time.



After deciding the dish we went into our kitchen in search of the ingredients. The ingredients are as below in the pic.


The ingredients are based on taste and its for 400gms crab after cleaning. I used to take 2 teaspoon coriander, half teaspoon turmeric and one teaspoon chilli for 500 grams non veg. Salt and tamarind puree as per taste.

Making off

  • Heat oil in a pan (coconut oil)
  • Then add spices and saute them a little.
  • Add ginger garlic paste and saute them a little which add flavour to non veg.
  • Add onion and saute them till it turns transparent. Add salt for easy saute.
  • Add tomatoes and saute them till it becomes soft.
  • Then add tomato puree as per taste. Saute them in low medium flame till it becomes a paste.
  • Finally add the crab. Cook until its cooked. Serve them with any main course from rice to bread.
crab being cooked

Finally our cooked crab is gonna be served…… which goes well with any main dish. We enjoyed it with rice, chapati, bread and so on. So bread lovers like us too can enjoy this gravy as a side dish.

Crab gravy

Hope you all enjoyed cooking along with Iniyaworld…. See you all with a new dish soon… Stay safe.

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Quail egg curry with limited ingredients

Quail egg curry

When I started writing this post I was asked to create a new welcome note for my followers… my very big fan from miles away from India. I kept on thinking and finally found a unique style…..

Willkommen…….. von Iniyaworld

Welcome from Iniyaworld

Hope you all have read our previous post Bialetti Moka Coffee

Today lets try something unique in our kitchen…was Innus voice when she woke up and here we are with the new dish

After Innus voice we went to search the ingredients available in the kitchen since its complete lockdown in our area and found these cute little eggs and our crazy brain started to function and here we are with the Quail egg curry.

Finally after so many discussions we did a small online shopping….haave a small sneak peak….




Quail egg curry

The procedure is very simple and its in the video in our channel.

Heat oil in pan, add the spices and saute them. Then add ginger garlic paste to give a very good non veg flavour. Then add onions and saute them till golden brown. Add a pinch of salt for easy saute. Then add tomatoes and add the masala and saute till the spices gets cooked. Then add tamarind pulp, saute a little and finally add the boiled eggs. Reduce the flame to low and keep it a while for the eggs to absorb the masala. Finally its time to serve the dish.

Quail egg curry
Today’s “Guess the” series

Today we are having another surprise……to our Iniyaworld family after the “Guess the” product

Yes, we are launching some of our new series in Crochet…..which will be unique in their own way. Grab yours soon…

Product launch
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Bialetti Moka Coffee vs Indian Style of filter coffee

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts……Its been very long since I planned to use this wonderful coffee maker which flew all the way from Europe on our big day. If am not wrong it was from his Indian friend from France gifted this amazing pot.

Bialetti mocha coffee.

Hope you all have know our love for coffee…and for new visitors to our family here it is….

Our love for coffee….

And its our love for tasting the best coffee made me to try this amazing pot from the brand Bialetti… I guess you all have a doubt on the word Bialetti. Lets have a small look about the word and come back to make the beautiful coffee shot….

moka coffee shot

The Moka coffee pot can be used on stove or electric based on the model. The technique behind the pot in making the coffee, is passing boiling water pressurised by steam through ground coffee which results in the brewing of the coffee.

Brewing of coffee

This amazing pot was invented by an Italian engineer by name Alfonso Bialetti in 1933 which become one of the staples of Italy and was named after the Yemeni city of Mocha. Now the Bialetti Industries is making the pot under the name Moka Express. Thats all about the pot and lets start brewing the coffee..

Moka coffee making

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Garlic Honey Chicken (Innus style) toddler foods

Garlic honey Chicken

A very big hai, to everyone who are following my blog post and a special welcome to everyone who landed here….. Hope you all tried Prawn curry and enjoyed this lockdown phase with your loved ones.

Garlic Honey Chicken

Today lets all try something unique using chicken….which was introduced by and we tried our version……

Lets enjoy our version of Garlic Honey Chicken……

The preparation of garlic honey chicken is divided into two steps, they are marination and cooking.


For marination we need boneless chicken and add the spices, salt, freshly crushed pepper and corn flour. After marination keep it aside for a while for the chicken to absorb spices. After marination fry those pieces double time for the crisp chicken..


Add oil in a pan, then add garlic and saute a little then add tomato ketchup, soya sauce and honey, saute them a little and then add the double fried marinated chicken.

Here comes our garlic honey chicken freshly cooked from our kitchen and today I served it as below.

Garlic honey Chicken
Garlic honey chicken

Boiled millets, dal curry and quail egg.

You can serve them with any main course and it goes well with the dish.

Special Note

The video will be on air soon.

To shop the potholders have a look on

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Prawn Curry

Prawn Curry

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Hope you are all doing good during this lock down period. Though Covid is a pandemic, it is making us to be creative in all the ways we can. Today, being a Kanyakumarian lets try our hands on sea food. The dish was taught by my aunt during our visit to her home and here is a small glimpse of our travel.

Kanyakumari, being surrounded by sea in all the three sides of the district, we are more addicted to fish than any other non veg. A variety of fish is a staple food of our district, like potato and carrots in Germany. The following video is one of the famous dish, from our German diaries which was introduced to us by our friends in church. Check out the video to know how its all made, resulting in one of the best food for toddlers.

Last week we tried, making a special, using prawns. For people who haven’t went through the post here is the link to that post. Have a look on the post if you are new to the site and enjoy cooking.

Butter Prawn Gravy

Lets start the making of prawn curry. For the curry we need the following ingredients.

For Marination.

Thanks to the website for the home delivery of fresh prawns during the pandemic.

Link to order online for the fishes.

Marinate the cleaned prawns by adding the above ingredients in the picture. Keep it aside for sometime for the prawns to get marinated. Meanwhile we can start cooking.

Prawn gravy

To make curry add oil in a pan and then add spices, add ginger garlic paste and saute them. Adding ginger garlic paste before onion gives a better aroma for the dish. Then add onion and saute them till it becomes golden brown. After which add tomatoes and saute them. Before adding prawns, add tamarind puree, and then add prawns. Cook until it becomes soft.

Serve them with Rice, Chappati or bread. It goes well with any main course.

Enjoy cooking and send us your cooked pics by tagging @iniyaworld_lifestyle in Insta.

Prawn gravy

Lets meet again with a new post…..Keep on following us…….have a great day ahead.

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