Mix and match crochet series #innus

Hai to everyone. Its been long since I posted under this topic. Today it’s all about mixing and matching the stuff to have a unique look.

Though am not a fashion designer by profession, I love trying unique stuff for my little princess. Its not in the branded outfit or the makeup you wear for standing out of the crowd. As we all know fashion industry follows the crowd. So being unique among the people can be achieved by either spending too much or wearing the outfits which are out of the trend.

My little one is quite lucky since I try something in crochet, matching her outfit.

Today’s pic is from her mix and match collection, which includes a T shirt from Tom tailor and a staccato denim skirt from jette which flew from Germany. To complete her look I added a pair of shoes from firstcry and a beanie cap which I tried using anchor knitting cotton from pradhan embroidery stores.

Hope you will try something unique like this. For more such ideas view post under the heading mix and match.

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Mix and match crochet series #renees (summer)

A very warm wishes to you all who are following my posts…

Today, the post is again for the tag mix and match series. The above pic is from our colachal beach visit during our Indiantrip. The beach is located near our home town, so we planned a day visit to the beach to add up the location in my little ones travel jar. For more detailed view on our travel jar click on the pic below

The jar is full and now we are in search of cute jars for our next visits…

Ok, back to the topic of today’s post…

For my summer lookbook I selected the pink tops which I made with red heart mercerised cotton from shailesh pradhan. Check out the link for the pink tops….https://www.iniyaworld.com/crochet-prinky-tops/

I combined the pink tops with a sleeveless tops from Levi and a black shrug from pothys, with the black Levi jeans. To finish up the look I added esprit sneakers with an ankle length socks.

Though I prefer back pack for holding stuffs for my princess, I use the red kipling hand bag.

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Mix and match series #innus (fall weather)

Here comes our next post for the series mix and match. Today’s post is about my little ones mix and match outfit for the fall weather.

The pic holds the mix and match outfit with and without jacket..

I had the normal jeans cum tops with a crochet headband, with strumpfthose and a pair of shoes. I selected the macqueen shoes to go along with the headband color.

For jacket I used reversible jacket from sigikid. To have a trendy scarf, I made a ruffle scarf to go along with the outfit.

This is how I mix crochet wear for my little one.


Check out my previous mix and match post….

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Mix and match crochet series #renees. (Fall weather)

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Hope you are all familiar with the term crochet from my previous posts.

During my last update I received a query stating “how can we mix and match crochet wear with our regular outfits”. And to answer the query from my favourite friend am going to update you all with my next series posts. The answer will be under the tag mix and match series.

The following pic is what I have chosen for my mix and match series. There is a constant myth prevailing among the crowd….”people who love being trendy spend huge amount on shopping  “. The posts under this tag can prove that the statement is wrong.

The mix and match can be done as above.

To prove the statement wrong we ought to calculate amount spend.

Cap=  mercerised cotton yarn from kaufland (4euros)

Scarf= yarn from wolle rödel (6 euros)

A tee and skirt= (10 euros)

Crochet skirt = cotton yarn from Lidl (8 euros)

To go along with the weather  I combined it with woodland jacket, esprit shoes with ankle length socks.

I had this look for both initial summer and fall weather with jacket, and for peek summer I just avoided the jacket and cowl.

Note…. am not a spender of cosmetics so people who do peculiar makeup can add up with the outfit.

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Crochet feathery cap-1

A big hi to everyone who are following my blog post on crochet., today am here with my next blog post on crochet, the art of playing with knots and thread. I learnt crochet during my school days using the nylon thread and have seen a few types of yarn in India. After my marriage I had a location change to Germany, Tübingen and found a huge collection of yarn in wolle rödel, and started trying unique designs for my little one.

On seeing my little ones collection, I had an order for the above product. The above pic is a combo of cap and booties for a new born using a type of feathery yarn. Making something using a feathery yarn is quite tricky work and for the cap, I made four increasing rounds and five rounds with constant number of stitches. I added the applique to beautify the products.

Making of the applique is on air in our channel, applique used here has a single round..while the video has two rounds flower applique.


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Crochet prinky tops

When I started to crochet I learnt the basic stitches and made unique stuff for myself…and my little one. It was my cousin who made me to concentrate on thread work… finally I tried one for me. The  best moment is when someone stare at you for being unique., yes., handmade is unique and you will be heart of the crowd.

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