Uses of crochet

            I have heard people saying that we are doing yoga for relieving stress. But for me the art of crochet from my grandma through my mom is a stress reliever. Whenever am so stressed I start doing crochet. You might think, I will be with needle all the time since am a full time mom, but my stress fades away within two stitches. The type of question which I often face is, how are you managing all alone with a kid in a far away land? The best answer from me is doing crochet work. The art is improving my memory after my pregnancy days.

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Crochet bouquet

Here comes the next update of crochet bouquet.

The steps are as following
1. Chain four; slip stitch
2. 12 double crochet in the ring.
3. 2 double crochet in each space.
4. Single crochet in each space with iron wire inside.

The iron wire inside helps to give the shape.

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Mat made out of T-shirt yarn

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Today lets try our hands on diy from waste. Yes, being in Germany alone for most of the hours when he spends his time in research we #reneeandinnus used to do something unique to have a room decor. 

One day as soon as he left he for his research works we tried our hands on making t-shirt yarn and completing a project…….for our room decor…. 

Here is the videograph of the project and hope you all try your hands on this..since I used the very basic stitches to complete the project.

Hope you all are following our art work and here is a small glimpse on how we did a small makeover of our room to bring a forest theme for her first birthday blast.

Forest theme room decor – handmade with love
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