Learning along with Innus 7 #fossil_collection from Colachal beach

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Today let’s learn along with Innus. Yes, today’s new word is fossil collection, and not fossil collection. Don’t get confused by the previous sentence. First word is the fossil made by nature while the other one is a luxurious brand.

It looks funny for people who see me collecting stuff while I walk, let me explain the cause of the fact. My mom being a zoologist she taught us sample collection during our childhood. And our inspiration was from her explaining her uncle’s collection. Yes, my grandpa’s elder brother being an Indian Forest Officer had so many sample collection. And I hope this is genetically induced character of sample collection. Though we used to collect them from an early age, I started it with an interest when I collected a plant from Udhayagiri fort, a dried plant which looks like black branches fitted with pearls. And when we entered a shop in our home town during our return, the shop owner asked us to give those plants for some bucks. Only then I knew the value of sample collection. My collection are different, yes, I pick something for memory from our visit and reuse them for a decor. If you are new to the blog check it out here.

Those decors for our freezer
A small makeover from our collections.

Fossil collection

Hope you have read my previous posts on travel jar collection and beach memories with Innus. The pic above is a result of collecting various stuff from various places and at different times. Yes, the pink jar was an old oats jar bought for my granny during 2009, then the stones are from Colachal beach. Do check our travel diaries for more on the beach. Then the shell was from Managudi beach. The white stone was from trivandrum zoo. Then the background was by Innus using the stuff from #airmailfromnagercoil. The doll was from Tanjore during 2013 and it’s a sharpener.

Stone art

https://www.iniyaworld.com/stone-art/ click on the link to know our decor changes from stuff collected from various places.

Muttom diaries

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Advent zu Weihnachten (advent to christmas)

             A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.

Today let’s all welcome our first advent to welcome the birth of Jesus Christ. So first let’s have a detailed intro on what’s advent.

The Advent, a tradition being followed in German-speaking countries is marked with adventskraz, and the decorations…. For the advent wreath to be unique, they are made with any available materials. They are usually in the form of rounds to denote our God’s infinite love towards mankind, with four candles in the middle of The wreath, to be lighted on Sundays before Christmas. The wreath may have a white candle to be lighted on the Heiliagabend or Christmas eve. The candles are for family gatherings to be lighted on each Sunday before Christmas. The other unique specialties are advent calendar, schokoladen festival, Christkindlesmarkt, Chrismon tree and Glühwein. Hope you all have learnt a new culture for Christmas… The above pics are from our 2018 advent wreath with an Indian touch.


See you soon with another post on our diys.

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Its fun to collect unique room decors

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts for a long time. Today let’s collect some unique stuff to make our festive decor unique.

We have been getting ready for advent from last week. If you are new to the blog post have a look on those previous posts. So let’s move on to today’s post. Today’s post is all about our unique advent wreath. In my previous post, I have mentioned the wreath we made with twigs and leaves to welcome our 2016 advent and to go along with the black forest theme of Iniya’s bday celeb.

We had a unique hobby of collecting different types of pine cones, so when he came across the following wreath he grabbed it from the Real super market.

Since the weather was too low I decided to hang this indoor to prevent it from getting damaged. To hang it I had the following hooks. The hooks are multipurpose. I hang a hook and tied the wreath to the hook using metal string. I used to buy the needed items when they are available. If I remember I got these clips during back to school time.

   since we were doing our decor from Iniyas birth, we buy stuff which are in sale. This reduces your money being spend on decors. If you watch the video the name iniya arranged as a train was from the African festival which happened on July 2016, and the name Iniya on wall was bought during march 2016. So have a note on the following note for a unique home.

Note:- Do shop for your decor when they are in off or sale.

Plan earlier if you are thinking of a unique decor.

(For us it took around a year to bring out the final result)

Keep on following our post on various topics and now let’s welcome the advent on Dec 2nd 2018.

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Advent preparations for 2016 -away from gadgets

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Today you are gonna travel along with us (#reneeandinnus) for the advent preparations.

We planned for a get together in our 40 sqm appartment in Germany, since Iniya was born in Tübingen, a little student town where time runs behind us. It looks funny when I say time runs behind us instead of we running behind the time. It’s true, we lived our good old days of Irenipuram all again. My childhood days with my maternal parents in their home were filled with zero gadgets, waking up early to witness the sun and morning breeze while watering the plants and trees around our home, collecting natural yields from mangoes to tender coconuts, a walk to the coconut farm, teak leaves as umbrella, catching tadpoles and press from a lake, visit to oceans, and it goes on. Our grandpa lived his retirement life as a grandpa leaving away all his characters of a dad. I used to dream those days, since we started running behind time. Finally Tübingen made it possible by waking up to see the sunrise, homemade dishes, a walk through the woods to Max Planck institute, collecting feathers, pine cones and so on for our room decor.

We had no entertainment gadgets and he ought to be in lab for most hours to reach his deadlines. To keep ourself busy we (#reneeandinnus) cook and do some diys. We planned to have a decor with zero investment and did art out of waste. The idea started from transforming a tv carton box to a photo frame and I placed crochet appliques on the frame and then we placed our miniature animal collection on them.

For ceiling we tried something on compact discs which were dumped by his brother during the shifting to USA.

Then we started our collection visit for  our advent wreath and collected pine cones, pine leaves and Rowan fruits. And that’s how we created a forest effect for advent.

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Hurrah! Gonna welcome advent of 2018

                           A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Hope you all have read my previous post related to advent, “Blend of advent and Indian dish”.

Advent, I heard it for the first time in Germany when Iniya was born and we made an advent wreath. It was for her first bday celeb, being in a black forest zone, we planned forest theme. So creating an advent wreath became fun for us and we started to collect some natural items to bring out a unique decor.

We collected those pine cones and leaves from our walk to Max Planck institute Tübingen. Then those Rowan fruits from Ahornweg stop. Yes, we learnt two new words while making this wreath.

Advent commences on the fourth Sunday before Christmas to denote the waiting of Christmas. And it’s marked with carols and so on. During our stay in Germany we had a wonderful service in Dietrich Bonhoeffer Kirche.

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Dry flower decor

Hope you all know that my little one was born in Tübingen, a little student town in Germany. Since she was born in Germany my parents and relatives were eager to see her after a year from her birth…so we planned a birthday celeb with my relatives, which was later celebrated in an orphanage during which my little ones fav chi mama couldn’t attend. So we had a thanks giving meet after his exam. In the same way we had a combined celeb in Germany for our friends in Germany., during which we received this red rose bouquet.,and I had it in a vase for changing those roses into a dry flower…bouquet.

 The rose was from the bouquet and the flowers accompanying the roses were the one which denote the start of spring, and it blooms once a year.

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