Our first flight travel from India to Germany

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Hope you are all familiar with the term hyperemesis_gravidarum. The pregnancy condition which I underwent, was termed as Hypermesis gravidarum, a condition which results in weight loss. Have a look on my previous post to know more on the term hyperemesis gravidarum.

And  Today we are gonna start our travel from India to Germany.  He had ICRA 2015 in Seattle and he came to India, to take me along with him to Germany. I was afraid of flight journey, because of my previous hospitalization due to severe vomit. But our gynaec had so much confidence, since weather change can help in reducing the vomit. After all checkups we planned our flight journey from Trivandrum, since it was hours away from our home, and it will be easy for me to console my grandma who was not ready to send me. It was the end of summer in India and I was about to land where the summer was about to start. After two hours of travel we reached the airport in very early morning (speed of car was maintained too slow) and had our check-in. The flight took off and our first transit was Doha during the early hours in the month of Ramadan. So the diet in flight was ok for me, which means I had no signs of vomiting.  We had a delayed landing and we ran to catch our connecting flight after the security check. Though I can’t have anything, I asked for a cup of coffee and I had a full mug of coffee while we were running to the gate. Though no one noticed my pregnancy, the guy, who was in charge for the desk near gate found out. He had a complete analysis of the reports. Finally the crew helped me seated safely and the flight took off. Within mins the altitude increased and we reached near the clouds. Suddenly the coffee started to flow back, followed by breathing suffocation. To be back to normal we both had to tap on head, on back near shoulders and on chest and in minutes I was normal. This made me to know how danger it will be for feeding while sudden altitude change. After 6 hours we landed up in Frankfurt airport and started our journey by train.


Keep on reading the post to know more on our journey with hyperemesis gravidarum.


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Post pregnacy diet 1

Hope you all know that am from India and my kid was born in Germany. And I planned to write down my experience of pre and post pregnancy in a continuation. Since I came across more queries on post pregnancy am writing those topic now. The picture was taken ten days after delivery.

As a new mom in a far away land I was in a very hard phase to find our natural medication(paati vaithyam). My mom and grandma prepared all ingredients and it flew along with my mother in law to Germany from Kanyakumari. Though I was not able to have them regularly but I had them and that helped me to take care of my daughter all alone from two months (my husband will be in lab for 24×7 days).

Initially I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which prevented me from having anything during pregnancy. So I had a clear point to have anything during feeding. And I am afraid of weather (winter reaching negative) I was in hospital for 3 days in total. Those three days were the only parental leave my hubby took.

Then my food procedure…

Morning I had my tea and after breakfast I had kurinchi kuzhambu. Then skimmed milk with garlic (2 pieces). In gaps before feeding I had milk since I had nothing during pregnancy.

Then the same after lunch. And there was a special preparation for bathing ( will write them separately ). After bathing I had a homemade preparation.

Liquify palm sugar (not jaggery) and added each element on a day to form a chewing gum texture. The elements are chukku- dried ginger, omam, pepper, fenugreek. My mom powered all separately and packed them in separate bags to avoid reduction of flavour in weather.

On having those I had the same feeling of labour pain. That’s the symptom of your contraction of uterus. And all the other ingredients has specific value. Palm sugar plays a major role of contraction. Pepper avoids cold and cough and the remaining for digestion. This avoids colic in newborn children. I had them for 11 days (odd days from having it for the first time).

Once I remember my co-sister preparing kashyam (homemade remedy for cold and cough using palm sugar and pepper, thulasi and the like) since I know the value of palm sugar in contraction of uterus I avoided her from having that in her early days of pregnancy else it would have resulted in contraction of uterus.

Keep on reading and I will update on this topic next week.



This is based on my experience and had no side effects for me. Please do refer your gynaecologist for more based on your health.

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My torments of pregnant days. 2

Hope you all have read my previous post on how I got ready for the marriage function. Thus is the continuation of the previous post. 

If I remember I asked my mom to leave earlier since I was unable to stay in the noisy crowd. Some how I had the feast (lunch) and reached my parents home as it was 5 mins away from the church. As soon as I reached home I vomitted everything which I had and slept for an hour.

Finally I should go for the reception which was 18 kms away from our home. Though I travelled this distance daily for my college, I felt like crossing Himalayas. Eventhough I can’t stay straight I ought to wear the uniform Saree for the function (for a snap) somehow I worn it and reached the hall. As everyone enjoyed the feast I returned home empty stomach since I was having vomit during the function. Finally I slept with an idly. Though the news made me to remember this am praying for the princess.

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My torments of pregnant days

I remember my mom who keep on exaggerating the marriage of late princess Diana during mg childhood and I was so curious for the marriage of princess Kate and I was able to see the grand function live during my college days. Somehow she became one of my favourite person in my life. I am not like a normal fan who keep on  updating the  database with her current updates. The days went and meantime I was busy with my family and because of Iniya I came to know about HG. When i read a news of princess accompanying the word HG I cried since I used to pray that no woman on Earth should experience such horrible torments. No words can explain it’s severity. The news stated that ‘Since our princess was unable to attend a function due to HG we are herewith the good news before the first trimester’.

This made me to remember a function in our family. As I said earlier my husband was miles away (busy with PhD). He planned to take me along with him after a vacation in India. Yes, he had the ICRA 2015 presentation in Seattle after which he reached India.

The last week of May 2015 is one of my horrible week with full of nightmares. Yes, his cousins marriage was fixed in May 29th. Since, I was in my parents home during those days and I was to go back to my in-laws home for the two day ceremony.

Meanwhile growth phase reached along with lunar cycle and I was hospitalized. I remember the phone call to my cousin asking him to bring the car for making me to reach the hospital safely and I was hospitalized that Sunday. I reached Nagercoil on Thursday morning since they had a get together. The evening function was supposed to be from 5pm. As I was getting ready for the function, and the flavours from kitchen which made everyone hungry made me to vomit. I was like a drug addict since I can’t even hold my head straight.

The 29th may 2015 was a big day for my hubby and his cousin. Yes, while he was busy in presentation his cousin was busy for the function. I woke early since I had disturbed sleep and was ready to leave home for marriage with one dosai and honey. While the ceremony is going on I was trying to make dosai to stay back. As a custom in India the ceremony happens in bride’s church and they reached the car the same red innova to leave. As they are busy in leaving I was waiting for them to leave as Iniya kicked out the Dosai and reached the function empty tummy. While people were enjoying I was striving hard to be ok as I can’t stay away from bed for longer hours in the horrible weather…..

I feel it’s enough for me to remember my torments….though there are more to be followed I am ending this post today. Since I vomitted my lunch because of remembering those torments.


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Hyperemesis Gravidarum remedy #fairytale effect

Hi, to all my subscribers who are reading my post and you might have some nightmares on reading the post under the tag Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Yes, my pregnancy was too worst and as a result, I start praying without pause when I come to know that someone is pregnant.

Today on this auspicious day of Onam (4/9/17) we can change a little bit of our topic from giving nightmares to fairy tale fun.

During my pregnant days, our kitchen became an R&D lab and our home had more group discussions as a result of the brain storming from various people who kept on saying some remedies. I became a tester for everyone and they tried all means to stop my drastic vomit. Among everyone, my brother’s try was quite different, being a 12th standard student writing the public exams, came out with a wonderful idea of diverting my mind so that I can come out of my bed. To keep my meagre intake in my stomach, till it gets digested I used to be in bed all time. Now you too enjoy what he did. He bought all the Tinkerbell series and made me watch them continuously thus driving away my thoughts on vomit.



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HG symptom 6

Thanks a lot for your support till now. Share the blog post with #saveagirlfromHG if you feel that it could save a girl from death during pregnancy because of hyperemesis gravidarum.
Good morning to you all. Yes, today’s post is the symptom which starts as soon as I get up. Hope you all have the habit of having tea with milk after brushing your teeth. I can’t drink even a drop of water before brushing. Here comes the symptom, when I keep my brush with any type of paste vomit starts. If it gets triggered in the morning hours it continues till late night and hence I can’t have even a single drop of water. Hope you have read my intake of food in the previous post. To stop this trigger I started to use salt and it worked out well. Hurrah I found a way finally.

Keep on reading to know more interesting facts on how I escaped death….

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