HG symptom 5

The vomit which made me get hospitalized for four days occurred after some visible symptoms. They are as follows… There came the lunar cycle(full moon/no moon). Hope you all know about the crystallization of sugar which results during the making of sugar syrup, in the same way, my facial skin on my chin between the lower lip and lower jaw turn out like scales. I can’t even take my head off the bed, for which I should rest my head on a wall. For the first time, I don’t know about Hyperemesis gravidarum and its symptom, and I was severely dehydrated which resulted in the formation of ketone. Due to the formation of ketone they gave me IV for three days continuously to bring me back. Thanks, aunty (my gynaecologist) else am no more now. They gave me an injection to stop vomiting. And we came back home after five days in the hospital. After returning home for two days I am able to eat, a dosai with sambar in the morning, a cup of rice and fish in the afternoon along with aviyal, and a chappathi with a banana smash in the night….. this is my diet till ninth month…. Hope you all started to feel the severity of my peculiar vomiting.

My horrible days will be continued……

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HG symptom 4

As an Indian, you all are aware of the term which people start asking a married couple after a month of their marriage, “any good news?”. Yes, I too had the situation to hear this within a month of our marriage. Tears came out from the depth of my heart. For a girl to hear the good news is the best moment in life, but on seeing the various expression of people around me, made me think about aborting the child. Yes, there were many people who were waiting for a baby in my husband’s family and this is what which made me think out of abortion. I cried in mind and yes we started to receive good news from others too. Finally, I came to my parents home and my first hospitalization happened because of the lunar eclipse. My parents and grand parents were not aware of the term Hyperemesis gravidarum and for them if there is vomiting eat more. They were keeping on giving me more liquids and solid I kept on vomiting. If I drink 5ml of water there results in the vomiting of 200ml. This continued till late night and blood started to come out during my vomit. The next day I was hospitalized and various test resulted in the formation of ketone.

The process carried out in hospitalization will follow….

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HG symptom 3

As the moon rotates around the Earth my next symptom rotates along with the moon. Yes, my vomiting increases on no moon and new moon and resulting in hospitalization. I identified the symptom of my extreme vomiting only after my second hospitalization.

Since my home is located near a dharga, I had my friends and schoolmates from Muslim community, this made me to be aware of their way of praising God from my childhood days. Anishma, thanks for our discussions on the way you pray. Yes, to reduce my vomiting sensation during no moon and new moon, I started to rest my head on a wall near my bed. I did the same during my phone calls, slowly I started to feel the difference.

Am writing this to make an awareness on Hyperemesis gravidarum. I decided to pen down my experience and experiments of how we overcame since no one believed my difficulty.

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HG symptom 2

The next irritation is for the science invention, which shrink the world. Yes, for cell phones. Invention of cell phones is to get in touch with our loved ones who are miles away. When I was waiting for my dependent  visa, we are miles away, the only means of communication is by skype and phones. But am allergic to the radiation. I cant even hold the phone for two mins. This made me to get stressed more and then I started to use speaker facility. The time difference played another role for my vomiting sensation. Gradually I stood away from phones and used skype more.

The next symptom makes you all laugh. Wait for the next update.

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HG symptom 1

As I said in the peculiar vomiting blog post, we started to pen down my irritations. My irritation to vomit list was endless and here are a few of my noted irritations. A day in my pregnant life starts with the irritation to vomit by toothpaste. I was unable to brush my teeth with any type of toothpaste. When I say this none believed and everyone started to tease me saying ” You are exaggerating the things”. Finally I found a way all of my own, brushing with iodized salt. This helped me a lot to get rid of vomit irritation by toothpaste. Can anyone imagine how hard is¬†hyperemesis gravidarum is? Keep in touch for the next irritation. Every symptom is unimaginable.

Keep on sharing this since someone in the world is suffering because of this. Its found only in 2% people. I am writing this to save a person from death.

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Peculiar Vomitting

In the last blog post, I have conveyed you about my peculiar vomiting. Since my vomiting was peculiar, we started to gather information from experts and pregnant women, everything ended up in vain. So I started to note down all my difficulties and google them. The same result, no data found corresponding my symptoms. Every site explained morning sickness, which was far away from my symptoms. Finally, we started to experiment ourselves to tackle the hard times. Since we found it hard without any guidance, we decided to share our experience, so that it will be helpful for someone who is in need of this.

Cling on to the blog posts for the symptoms of HG(Hyperemesis Gravidarum) and how we overcame it with a normal delivery.

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