Our Good news

We were waiting for the visa and finally we received the confirmation letter for my visa stamping. At last my packing started for my abroad travel. Meanwhile I was suffering from fever and I had antibiotics. On the day of my travel to Chennai, for visa, we came to know about the good news. The idea to test for it came in mind because of the vomiting. We were the happiest when we came to know about the good news. Though every pregnant woman have morning sickness due to hormonal changes and acidic nature of the stomach, mine stood out of the crowd.

Keep on reading for more information on this peculiar type of pregnancy.

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My pregnant months

I had always wanted to pen down my wonderful experience of attaining the motherhood. It is a moment that every young girl had always wanted to taste. But the task is not as easy one as most women think. The experience is quite spread out with sometimes almost no hardship to extreme pain and months of bed ridden for some women.
After awaiting for the best couple of months to find the needed time to write about it, today I finally decided to start with it. Each week I hope to add a few lines about my experience with 10 months of carrying our beautiful daughter Iniya.

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