Learning along with Innus 7 #fossil_collection from Colachal beach

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Today let’s learn along with Innus. Yes, today’s new word is fossil collection, and not fossil collection. Don’t get confused by the previous sentence. First word is the fossil made by nature while the other one is a luxurious brand.

It looks funny for people who see me collecting stuff while I walk, let me explain the cause of the fact. My mom being a zoologist she taught us sample collection during our childhood. And our inspiration was from her explaining her uncle’s collection. Yes, my grandpa’s elder brother being an Indian Forest Officer had so many sample collection. And I hope this is genetically induced character of sample collection. Though we used to collect them from an early age, I started it with an interest when I collected a plant from Udhayagiri fort, a dried plant which looks like black branches fitted with pearls. And when we entered a shop in our home town during our return, the shop owner asked us to give those plants for some bucks. Only then I knew the value of sample collection. My collection are different, yes, I pick something for memory from our visit and reuse them for a decor. If you are new to the blog check it out here.

Those decors for our freezer
A small makeover from our collections.

Fossil collection

Hope you have read my previous posts on travel jar collection and beach memories with Innus. The pic above is a result of collecting various stuff from various places and at different times. Yes, the pink jar was an old oats jar bought for my granny during 2009, then the stones are from Colachal beach. Do check our travel diaries for more on the beach. Then the shell was from Managudi beach. The white stone was from trivandrum zoo. Then the background was by Innus using the stuff from #airmailfromnagercoil. The doll was from Tanjore during 2013 and it’s a sharpener.

Stone art

https://www.iniyaworld.com/stone-art/ click on the link to know our decor changes from stuff collected from various places.

Muttom diaries

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Learning along with Innus -6 #cannonball_tree

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. It’s been long since I have updated my last post on #learning_along_with_innus. Since we were busy in creating an app for learning crochet I was unable to update a post. Today let’s travel to Trivandrum to bring back our memories.

Here is the link for our mobile app.


It’s was during our childhood visit to Trivandrum zoo my mom, being a zoologist taught me about this flower. She termed this as Nagalinga flower and she explained why it is called by the name. It looks like a snake head securing a linga.

Trivandrum Zoo

I remembered about that flower and when we had our Trivandrum zoo visit, I searched this plant to add memories for our #learning_along_with_innus. Thank God we could find a plant along with the fruit..

Trivandrum zoo- Canon ball flower
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When we keep on making ghee roast our kids imitate us #innusdiaries #germanydays

          A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.

Today let’s have a fun post… Hope you all have read my post on which I explained my little companion. Yes, Innus used to accompany me in kitchen for most hours in a day, since he will be in lab around the clock. When we reached India our kitchen being half the size of our home in Germany, Innus started to have a small temporary kitchen for her play time. Gradually it developed to the state of joining us for cooking. The pic above was taken once she was making dosa, imitating as in the video.

The kitchen is the best place for our kids to learn all subjects. From chemistry to physics and botany to zoology and even history too. For example, let’s examine the process of dosa making. The batter should be made in proper proportions of rice and urid dal. Then it should ferment properly.  For people living in cold areas, have a small quantity of batter on your kitchen counter top and leave it on a stand. The base of the vessel should not touch the floor. I used iron stands as in pic. They are hanging near Iniya

Since it was hot plate I just place them near the stove after cooking. Else place them near a heater. If this small quantity gets fermented then add small quantity to this batter daily from the remaining portion of batter from your refrigerator. Don’t ever mix all. This may give sour taste for dosa and also fungus grows easily. All these need physics and chemistry. Then for perfect ghee roast dosa I used home made ghee. Since I get min of 500 gm butter in one and a half week, I use butter for Iniya’s dry skin and ghee for dosa and I substituted ghee for oils in cooking too.

When we start explaining these process behind cooking to our kids they gradually increase their interest in learning. That’s what our ancestors had in gurukulam. There is a school in Tübingen, which is similar to our ancestral education, am not sure of the name of the school. But we were given some suggestions by a person who had his children being educated there. It was during a return from a German concert in which Sujit accompanied him for singing. So gradually we started explaining her whatever she comes across and it’s result is greater than day care. Thanks for those people who crossed our journey….giving valuable suggestions of #learning_along_with_innus 

Keep on reading our posts…will update a new post soon.

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Learning along with Innus -5 #acorn or oaknut

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.

We (#reneeandinnus) hope you are all learning new words along with us.

Today let’s collect some acorns during fall weather in Germany. Yes acorn, a small nut with a single seed enclosed in a tough shell. On seeing those nuts, my mind went back to our visits at our ancestral place in Marthandam, where my mom’s granny lived. Those good old days enjoying Ice age movie with Iniya’s grandpa. There comes an acorn in the movie, a nut being chased by a squirrel, where the chasing occurs throughout the movie. All those memories made us to collect some nuts lying all around our home in Tübingen. They became a part of our advent wreath which we were making to welcome the advent. Keep on waiting for our 2018 advent wreath.

That’s how we #reneeandinnus learn words during our walk through the forest.

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Learning along with Innus-4 #Mandarin_duck

            A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.

For the past few days, I was writing about #hyperemesis_gravidarum, the way we handled the condition without medicines. So for a change let’s learn along with Innus.

We enjoyed growing along with pets during our childhood, while Innus was quite unlucky living in a far away land, that too in a 40sqm room, where pets became dream for Innus. To bridge the dream I tried my level best to enjoy with her along with the nature. That’s how the word #learning_along_with_innus grew. With much viciousness let’s move on to today’s post.


When Innus was six months old, we had a visit to Munich regarding his job hunt in 2016. And during our visit, we had some fun-time in Englischer Garten, in Munich. That’s when we found a unique bird flying high around us. We tried hard to capture the snap of the bird, and when we captured the bird with artificial eyes, we were unaware of the bird’s name and we came to know that it’s Mandarin duck after some Google.

So here is the result of our search in Google. The Mandarin ducks are colourful ducks which got migrated from Asia and are called perching ducks. They normally live near water bodies, and that’s how we witnessed this beautiful species of ducks roaming around us in Englischer Garten and they add beauty to the artificial river flowing through the garden.

Let’s meet up again with a new post on #learning_along_with_innus soon.

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My little cooking companion

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Today let’s learn along with Innus. Iniya was born in Germany and we lived in a 40 sqm room or appartment. The room had a living cum kitchen so we ought to be in this room for cooking and for Skype gathering. All these made innus to grow along cooking.

That’s how she joins me on cooking, if she needs a closer look she accompanies me on sling.

When she was about to one year old I just give her an onion to peel. She just sits on counter top and monitors me. 

All these resulted in the video…..

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