Thirparappu Falls with lot of memories

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. It’s been long since I have updated something under travelogue.

Today let’s have a look on the travelogue of our Kanyakumari district. Yes, our district is full of tourist spots. Though we are located in Kanyakumari district it took a long to pay a visit to Thirparappu Falls for Innus

It was during #dec2018 Iniya’s uncles paid a surprise visit from Chennai and we took them to Mathur dam and falls, since we had only three hours. The falls has water around the clock and it’s famous for a Shiva temple nearby. The Shiva temple is one of the temples visited during the shivarathri. Our childhood days, being full of memories from the falls. Yes, one among those are catching fish from here for our fish tank. But now those areas are blocked.

Thirparappu Falls

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Our Kanyakumari diaries – I #travelogue

The world fame tourist spot in Kanykumari

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.

Today let’s travel along with Innus to the southern most tip of India. Yes, that’s how we get introduced to our friends in Germany. I remember people asking how long does it take to travel from one end of our country to another. With a smile we reply it takes four days. Since it takes only a day to cross Germany, they imagine how big our country is. One day a person rushed to me in our church in Germany asking, did you find the number zero, I was shocked and replied it was by our ancestor, she replied, yes after our travel to Hohenzollern I Google India and found so many amazing results. Then gradually we explained the Arapally in Kanyakumari, Velankanni church and so on.

Arapally by St Thomas
Sparsa restaurant -Kanyakumari

Though we are from Kanyakumari district, the southern most tip of India, it’s quite rare for us to go to Kanyakumari where the three seas join their hands. The above pic was taken during her first bday. And, though the pic was from a famous restaurant near the beach, it took almost three years to gather memories for our travel jar. Yes, hope you all know that I collect a handful of sand for our travel jar.

Muttom and Managudy
Kanyakumari beach sand to add up her travel jar.

Thanks to my uncle for training my princess. Yes, when I asked her to pose she just gave this amazing shot.

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Learning along with Innus -6 #cannonball_tree

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. It’s been long since I have updated my last post on #learning_along_with_innus. Since we were busy in creating an app for learning crochet I was unable to update a post. Today let’s travel to Trivandrum to bring back our memories.

Here is the link for our mobile app.

It’s was during our childhood visit to Trivandrum zoo my mom, being a zoologist taught me about this flower. She termed this as Nagalinga flower and she explained why it is called by the name. It looks like a snake head securing a linga.

Trivandrum Zoo

I remembered about that flower and when we had our Trivandrum zoo visit, I searched this plant to add memories for our #learning_along_with_innus. Thank God we could find a plant along with the fruit..

Trivandrum zoo- Canon ball flower
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Colachal a beach with more memories

Colachal being 15 -18 kms away from our home was one of the places which was once damaged during Tsunami. The damage was too worst leaving nightmare for us to visit the harbour. Whenever we hear the word Colachal we remember the huge burial of tsunami hit people. Now let’s see our present memories of Colachal for #reneeandinnus .

During our #indiantrip we had a chance to visit the harbour and Innus being the biggest fan of ten commandments movie, changed our memories of Colachal. Yes, she started to scream the Red sea scene of the movie .

The Skoda ride for her in the fishing harbour looked similar to the above video clip. So from that day we had frequent visits to keep her memories fresh.

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Learning along with Innus-4 #Mandarin_duck

            A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.

For the past few days, I was writing about #hyperemesis_gravidarum, the way we handled the condition without medicines. So for a change let’s learn along with Innus.

We enjoyed growing along with pets during our childhood, while Innus was quite unlucky living in a far away land, that too in a 40sqm room, where pets became dream for Innus. To bridge the dream I tried my level best to enjoy with her along with the nature. That’s how the word #learning_along_with_innus grew. With much viciousness let’s move on to today’s post.


When Innus was six months old, we had a visit to Munich regarding his job hunt in 2016. And during our visit, we had some fun-time in Englischer Garten, in Munich. That’s when we found a unique bird flying high around us. We tried hard to capture the snap of the bird, and when we captured the bird with artificial eyes, we were unaware of the bird’s name and we came to know that it’s Mandarin duck after some Google.

So here is the result of our search in Google. The Mandarin ducks are colourful ducks which got migrated from Asia and are called perching ducks. They normally live near water bodies, and that’s how we witnessed this beautiful species of ducks roaming around us in Englischer Garten and they add beauty to the artificial river flowing through the garden.

Let’s meet up again with a new post on #learning_along_with_innus soon.

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Our very first checkup in Germany…with an English speaking gynaecologist

    A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.

Hope you all have read my previous post on our hunt for English-speaking gynaecologist in Tübingen. Today let’s have a fun-filled reading on how I got introduced to our gynaecologist.

        On our day of appointment we woke early in spite of jetlag and got ready slowly, since hurried work will result in severe vomiting. I was very careful since the lunar cycle was around the clock which may lead to hospitalisation. I have explained the effects of lunar cycle in my previous posts on hyperemesis gravidarum and my regular hospitalisation date was nearing. For morning breakfast I had prepared bread toast or French toast and surprisingly I had around three to four slices gradually till I reached the hospital. As I said in the vermicelli payasam recipe, I ought to add thrice the amount of sugar to reach our taste level. After packing our bag we started our walk slowly and reached Ahornweg. The board at stop said bus will be in five minutes,  when we were waiting, my eyes got filled with pain. Since for every step I take my health was deteriorating. 

The bus came and I got in to the bus through the middle door and before getting seated, the driver started the bus and I fell on seat. From that day I used to get in through the front door since the driver will wait till I get seated. We travelled for minutes and reached the city center and got down at Nonnenhaus.


After a small walk for ten minutes we reached the hospital. In the hospital the receptionist wrote the mutterpass and asked us to wait for a while. Though my insurance was on the way, since we had applied for insurance they gave an appointment for check up. The most difficult part of the hospital visits were that only our gynaecologist knew English. Somehow the nurses took blood samples for testing. Meanwhile they recorded the test results in mutterpass and it passed to doctor’s table. Soon after sometime the doctor came out screaming ” who is Frau Gladson?”, since they call us by our surname. We stood and she asked do you have ancestral history of diabetes?. With much tension I said yes, and with no time delay she asked the receptionist to carry out the next procedure. They spoke in German and I was so tensed till then we recognised the happenings.  They took samples and it went to Universität klinikum. Before taking samples, they gave me a whole cup of glucose solution and after an hour they took blood samples. After all those procedures they asked us to come back on next week by same day. With much tension we came home and soon after our return I started to vomit till the blood accompanied and our next step was to get admitted for IV……

Let’s have a break….keep on guessing about the hospitalization in Germany…….

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