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A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Today let’s have a small rewind of our cooking diaries, with my little cooking companion.

Whenever I rewind my cooking diaries I could remember the first unique dish in my cooking experiment is the BREAD CURRY… which I tried replacing bread slices in a chicken curry…..after which the best learning from my cooking diaries is the making of noodles…. Making of noodles! Yes, the dish made me to learn that when numerous ideas pop up from the environment will end up in damaging the dish and when we praise the flop dish the cook will become an expert…… From there my journey of cooking experiments started……and it was on July 1 2015 I was sent into the cooking lab to do experiments with limited ingredients. For those who are following my blog posts are familiar that I won’t cook with a weighing scale….. my first tug up war was with the hot plate…. Since my granny keeps on insisting clean kitchen even during cooking, I hate the spill of ingredients around the hot plate. But it took my brain to figure out a way there by I avoided the spill of milk and so on….. The next biggest challenge was dehydration since I was unfamiliar with the proper functioning of hot plate and my hyperemesis gravidarum condition resulted in fainting down…..when making tea. That’s when my gynaec scolded me to drink 3 litres of water daily….for the condition HG it’s like climbing the Himalayas daily….. From there the main cooking battle starts…..

When I was given the only option to use hot plate, I had to find the best way to stay safe……yes, I can handle the hot plate for 5 mins and within which I should do something and step out for 5 mins to avoid dehydration.. and moreover to handle HG without hospitalization our experiments are based on limited intake with high calories,even then I lost around 15 kg…..

The original battle starts here……from Jan 2016 with figuring intake of Innus with high balanced diet and dishes being suitable for Innus

Experiment of badam payasam

I remember trying this on 2015 feb 24 and that became a frequent dish after biryani….. it was on one fine day during a potluck I was teased stating I am good at desserts……from there I challenged myself.

Trying so many experiments…….

Our advent potluck lunch
Trinelveli halwa
pepper chicken
chicken curry
pepper chicken lasagne
smashed potatoes
Innus pasta
mango chia shake

The best moment is when our dish stands unique from the crowd……..and into the battle…

Innus pasta with Quinoa
Into the battle……..

Meanwhile I was very eager to learn baking cake too….and tried some experiments in that too….

Dragon fruit cake
Jackfruit cake
Quail egg curry
Dragon fruit cake without artificial flavouring agent
Egg pudding
Moka coffee
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