Crochet face mask to be unique

A very big hai to everyone, who are following my blog posts. It’s been long since I have updated a post under crochet. Hope you are all eager to know what made the delay and today we are are gonna reveal a small good news for those who are in Kanyakumari district…. keep on reading the post till the end to know the good news.

Today let’s have a small discussion of the current situation of lock down. Yes, when we heard the term covid for the first time we were not that serious and now it’s keeping on growing tougher. Being crafty our hands will try to do something unique and here is a small try for Innus. When I tried this unique mask there came a campaign #maskindia from a famous newspaper group Times of India…. and it was displayed in their website. After which I tried out more unique designs for those who asked me to make.

I tried making the mask with the basic stitches so that it will be easy for remaking.

For those who wanna try this unique design, soon the pattern will be on mobile app.


For people who needed the mask for kids can grab them from our shopping cart as before.

Here comes the good news for those who are from kanyakumari district….. to ease your shopping during the lockdown phase we have added our products in the site

yourorder shopping

Hope you all enjoyed reading…..and shopping in see you all with a new post…….

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