God’s unlimited surprise for our kitchen!

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Today let’s see how God provided me whatever we needed in kitchen. For those who travel miles on air are familiar with the restrictions on check-ins. Since it was our second travel after marriage we ought to parcel everything from spoon.

We had certain purchase from Vasanth and co. The day on which I came to know the value of regular customer. They suggested a pressure cooker for hot plate, certain nonstick cookware and ultra mixer for abroad. The products are of high quality and and it took a year for the products to become common. By the way soon I replaced all nonstick cookware since it didn’t suited hot plate because of the base. Though I havnt cooked alone, I knew the way my mom had her kitchen arrangements. So I collected those stuffs which ought to be in kitchen instead of whatever I like to be in kitchen. Hope you all know, we South Indians need a grinder for our breakfast.  When we started our hunt, my friend suggested a model from Vidiem, and to our surprise it was 7kg, which was 3 kg lesser than normal models. This helped us to carry something more for our stay in Tübingen. The only thing, I missed was something similar to the dosa maker in the video.

Yes, the iron tawa from my grandma. The history of tawa goes to Kumbakonam where my grandpa served as Sub Judge in early 80s. With limited stuff, we reached Tübingen, to my surprise a person stuffed everything in our home, since they were shifting to USA. To my shock she placed an iron tawa for dosa. We had the kitchen ingredients for our whole family (6 people when iniya was born). It was my biggest job to arrange all those stuffs. The task was to arrange everything in 40sqm room while I was born and brought up in 2500sqm home excluding the garden area. In short the living room in Germany was equivalent to our home’s hall, while the other two rooms can hold only a double cot.

My very first task was to separate kitchen stuff based  on certain category and it should be easy for my in laws when they visit us in winter. 

We had the shelves as in pic and we ought to stuff everything within this shelves. Since its limited space I planned to have small bottles for regular use of Masala and the stock goes to the cupboard near by. To have a look on how I arranged check out the video below.

I  strained for a day arranging everything and had severe vomit which ended up in bleeding. Everyday I had to face something challenging , so keep on reading to know how we managed our days in Germany without being hospitalized. That’s how my pressure for kitchen stuffs were reduced by God’s unlimited surprises.

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