HG symptom 3

As the moon rotates around the Earth my next symptom rotates along with the moon. Yes, my vomiting increases on no moon and new moon and resulting in hospitalization. I identified the symptom of my extreme vomiting only after my second hospitalization.

Since my home is located near a dharga, I had my friends and schoolmates from Muslim community, this made me to be aware of their way of praising God from my childhood days. Anishma, thanks for our discussions on the way you pray. Yes, to reduce my vomiting sensation during no moon and new moon, I started to rest my head on a wall near my bed. I did the same during my phone calls, slowly I started to feel the difference.

Am writing this to make an awareness on Hyperemesis gravidarum. I decided to pen down my experience and experiments of how we overcame since no one believed my difficulty.

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