Homemade ghee to give a perfect aroma for Indian dishes

Home made butter 

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Hope you all have read my previous post on dosa making. A traditional South Indian breakfast, which looks like crepe but has different ingredient. We South Indians prefer dosa with any side dish  from Sambhar to chutney in veg, and any non veg dish can go along with the main course dosa. 

From my childhood days, I have seen my mom making ghee roast using the tawa from my granny and for our memory dosa means ghee roast. And when we landed on Germany homemade ghee became a treasure for us. I used to save the ghee which we had taken along with us during our travel from India. When we started to buy fresh milk from farm….near our home, which I have mentioned in my previous post vermicelli payasam we started to collect milk fat and tried making ghee so that we can have that aroma of homemade ghee in our dishes…..

For the perfect aroma, we ought to follow certain steps in making the homemade ghee and we tried to get the perfect aroma of ghee…as if its in India.

Step 1

The process involve butter making. Yes, the collected fats are whisked using a whisker in food processor or in a juicer. The ice cold water is added little by little and whisked in mins gap to avoid damage of beater….after getting overheated

Butter making

The video has the clip of the butter making process.

The collected butter looks like the one in the picture. Whenever my granny prepares butter we have an eve dish, bread and butter mixed with sugar.

The collected butter can be used for butter chicken, bread toast, cake, and so on, for which ever dish needed butter.

Step 3

Ghee making final step

For the final step we ought to boil butter in a thick alloy kadai. The one in the picture was from my granny, yes…. older than me. This is very useful for flammable stove. And for hot plates I used silit cookware. Boil till the milk particles darken. I used to smell the aroma before removing from stove. Btw do remember to move the vessel to cooling rack else the ghee gets burnt due to the plate being hot after switch off. 

Final step

Ghee is ready 

The final pic shows the final look of the ghee after making.

Homemade ghee is ready….with the perfect aroma, enjoy your ghee roast, jamuns, and so on…..from your home made ghee.

Lets all meet up once again with another such peculiar post of how to enjoy cooking with limited ingredients…… auf wiedersehen!!!!

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  1. Wonderful post. How did I miss reading this. Reading this made me remember my grandma who did all this without sophistication like whipper etc. She used to have a glass bottle and would shake it for long to remove(whip up) the butter from the curd.

    Ammmaaazing. I can smell butter, butter milk( the remainder after the butter is whipped out) and home made ghee. Also you forgot to mention about the murunga keerai that we would add while we boil the butter for aroma enhancement. That roasted keerai would taste like heaven.

    • R QubeModerator

      Yes akka, this is the version I tried in Germany, where drumstick leaves are rare. Yes, am addict to that smell when drumstick leaves are added to the ghee, I remember running to the kitchen in our grandmas home to have that burnt leaves…..those are the days akka. Real summer holidays.

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