Hours before her last breath…..

That’s how my granny and grandpa were.

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. It’s been long since I have posted. I was busy with Iniya, handling her growth phase and introduced Bharathanatyam to her. Yes, I was searching for a person who can be close to her while learning and when I came to know that there is a person in her friends gang, I felt the chance for her has arrived. Yes, my younger brother’s friends are her friends. For people saying that it’s early to introduce the art, for us #reneeandinnus it’s learning a new art. Along with this we are quite busy in upgrading our works on #iniyaworld to the next level.

Let’s move on to today’s topic. Today’s post can be a home made ready for cough and cold conveyed by my granny, during the hours before her last breath. Since his whole family was in our home in Tübingen I had the chance to be in Skype in his laptop after Sunday service. To my memory it was on 27th Dec 2015, we joined Skype in Thuckalay. Though my granny was tired after discharge from hospital, she joined us. The same silly fight for sweets and pickle happened and it ended in mins. Yes, though she should avoid them she was so crazy for them. Soon she asked me to give innus a millet drink, which can be introduced after six months. Though I was afraid she explained the way I should prepare.

The method involves the following procedure. A tea spoon full of ragi flour (homemade) in a tumbler, add water needed to soak the powder and wait till it gets soaked for 15 mins. When I was doing that she was in Skype giving me instructions with the same old tone….. when the powder gets soaked the water turns to the color of milk. Drain them carefully using white cotton cloth and boil them by stirring continuously in slow flame to avoid hard pieces forming. Remove them from stove or induction when it reaches the semi solid nature. I served them in a silver bowl to get cool down and started to feed her, placing on my lap. During this time the Skype got disconnected and everyone in India became unreachable. Since I felt it’s network issue and it’s late in India I decide to ring them in the morning. They hid that to avoid me from planning to reach India since his parents were leaving on Jan 1st. Hope you all have read the post on coffee love.

When the Skype got disconnected I heard her saying “do give her the diet regularly”. After a week I came to know that those were her last words… From that I worn innus the gold bangles which came all the way to #germany and gave her the ragi twice in a week. After six months it became normal diet for her. Gradually it became a custom for we three to drink a cup of ragi before breakfast. When winter knocked I used to add pepper and a pinch of powdered dried ginger while boiling and honey after it cools down. We should drink a cup of this before breakfast. This gradually reduced the cough and cold.

Our life in Tuebingen

Thats how our Sunday’s will pass on in Tuebingen….

Those diys were the one which saved our time wasting on Skype and so on.

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