Innus Tiramisu Cake a unique cake to rock the dessert table

Innus Tiramisu Cake

Its been quite so long since I have uploaded a post in our #learning_along_with_innus, a very big hai to everyone who are following my blog post and a special hai to everyone who landed up here surprisingly. Wishing you all a great day…..

We are fine here among the pandemic situation and hope the same from my readers around the world. This pandemic has made everyone either to blog or vlog. Am so happy to see that so many are following my footprints. Thanks to Lord that he made me to dive into these earlier in 2017. Without any further ado lets dive into todays post……

For those who are following my posts the word learning along with Innus is familiar…..last week we had a special week…baking week in #learning_along_with_innus.. Yes, we tried our hands on so many different flavours in cake…from Rambutan cake to the Innus Tiramisu cake…. When people ask whats Innus….its our duty to explain the story….it’s my daughter’s name coined by my Anni (brother’s wife) during our Skype call in Germany when Iniya was months old, for which my princess responded…..and thus came our tag Innus in all our creations from Iniyaworld…. Thank you so much Anni for coining a nickname for Iniya…

It was from July 1 2015, I came across the word Tiramisu from bakery, ice cream shops and so on….especially in Metzingen during our very first visit

From there our search of Tiramisu flavour started and here is our Innus Tiramisu Cake

Innus Tiramisu Cake

Am extremely sorry for the mess-up icing….pic… You may ask me why did you upload such a messy picture in the blog….for a mom this pic is highly precious when our hands were accompanied by little hands in icing who can’t even wait for the cake to cool down….. If this is the condition for icing think of the cake….it disappeared as soon as she cuts the cake…. This made me to remember the way she keeps on asking her dad to give her the cake when she was one year old…

Innus and her cake diaries……

To get the Tiramisu flavour we just altered the ingredients with a teaspoon of instant coffee powder in the batter….and a coffee cream…by beating condensed milk, cream, coffee powder, from the following making.

Now during the lock down period the app has saved me by their local supply of food ingredients…. Especially we KKians can’t survive without fish…. Thanks to their option of fish category too….

Hope you all enjoyed our way of Tiramisu cake making…..see you all with a next wonderful post…….

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