In search of English speaking Gynaecologist in Germany!!!

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.  Today’s let’s see how we found a doctor in Deutschland.

             For delivery in Germany, we ought to follow some procedures before finding a gynaecologist in Germany. From next day of our travel we were running to Bürgerbüro Stadtmitte, for my visa extension. Since I had only limited time for extension, we rushed the procedures for visa extension.

                      Then there came a storm in two days, a mail from the office stating I need a block account for my stay. But as per the verse “I will go before you and correct all those hurdles from your way” his director solved the issue. Then our biggest burden was to find the gynaecologist who speaks English. With a whole bunch of doctors list who were suggested by his friends, we started our search. Since my condition was too bad, we can’t wait for doctors appointment. So we went to those hospitals and had a request for appointment. Being the month of summer, doctors were for vacation. I used to pray to God “please give me a doctor who can read my pain from my eyes”. Yes, a true doctor is the one who can hear the patients pain from their eyes. Thank God, for he had shown us a doctor, the answer to my prayer. She was similar to my mom and grandma. Yes, she was the one who moulded my mind to face the #hyperemesis_gravidarum.

So now let’s have a look on our doctors intro….. we had three doctors name and we had to strike off the first doctor’s name since we ought to wait till next month, since the doctor was on vacation for a month.

                          Then in hospital of second doctor in the list….she will be back in two weeks….was the answer from receptionist. We requested a possible way for checkup and she suggested to have an appointment with the gynaecologist available now. Since we ought to have a check up after travel we said, yes. Finally we had the appointment of the doctor on the third day from the visit to the hospital and our hospital visit was a fun filled one and thrilling so let’s wait on for the next post…….

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