Learning along with Innus -6 #cannonball_tree

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. It’s been long since I have updated my last post on #learning_along_with_innus. Since we were busy in creating an app for learning crochet I was unable to update a post. Today let’s travel to Trivandrum to bring back our memories.

Here is the link for our mobile app.


It’s was during our childhood visit to Trivandrum zoo my mom, being a zoologist taught me about this flower. She termed this as Nagalinga flower and she explained why it is called by the name. It looks like a snake head securing a linga.

Trivandrum Zoo

I remembered about that flower and when we had our Trivandrum zoo visit, I searched this plant to add memories for our #learning_along_with_innus. Thank God we could find a plant along with the fruit..

Trivandrum zoo- Canon ball flower
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