Learning along with Innus 7 #fossil_collection from Colachal beach

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Today let’s learn along with Innus. Yes, today’s new word is fossil collection, and not fossil collection. Don’t get confused by the previous sentence. First word is the fossil made by nature while the other one is a luxurious brand.

It looks funny for people who see me collecting stuff while I walk, let me explain the cause of the fact. My mom being a zoologist she taught us sample collection during our childhood. And our inspiration was from her explaining her uncle’s collection. Yes, my grandpa’s elder brother being an Indian Forest Officer had so many sample collection. And I hope this is genetically induced character of sample collection. Though we used to collect them from an early age, I started it with an interest when I collected a plant from Udhayagiri fort, a dried plant which looks like black branches fitted with pearls. And when we entered a shop in our home town during our return, the shop owner asked us to give those plants for some bucks. Only then I knew the value of sample collection. My collection are different, yes, I pick something for memory from our visit and reuse them for a decor. If you are new to the blog check it out here.

Those decors for our freezer
A small makeover from our collections.

Fossil collection

Hope you have read my previous posts on travel jar collection and beach memories with Innus. The pic above is a result of collecting various stuff from various places and at different times. Yes, the pink jar was an old oats jar bought for my granny during 2009, then the stones are from Colachal beach. Do check our travel diaries for more on the beach. Then the shell was from Managudi beach. The white stone was from trivandrum zoo. Then the background was by Innus using the stuff from #airmailfromnagercoil. The doll was from Tanjore during 2013 and it’s a sharpener.

Stone art

https://www.iniyaworld.com/stone-art/ click on the link to know our decor changes from stuff collected from various places.

Muttom diaries

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