Muttom Beach


                               We all do remember the Tsunami which crawled the coastline of India on 26/12/2004, creating a huge loss to mankind. Muttom is one of the worst affected beaches which is kilometers away from our home. We used to go to the beach during our childhood and after Tsunami we visited for the first time with my daughter. We reached there for the sunset and spent few hours of our time. The coastline is full of rocks rather than sand. We searched for shells in the coast and collected a few for my daughter’s travelogue file. I do remember my mom collecting black sand from this beach during my childhood visits. And yes we took some for our travelogue jar.
                                In-spite of its beauty it is a dangerous beach. 
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  1. Lovely read! Post pics of the shell collection and your travelogue jar.

    • Thanks a lot for your valuable comment….
      Sure will update the shells and travelogue jar.

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