Our love for coffee..

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.

For the past few days we are running around the word hyperemesis gravidarum and on our travel to Germany. Today let’s have some good old memories of my childhood days in Irenipuram. Whenever we pay a visit to Irenipuram, we just ask our Grandma (ammachi), ” Can we have a cup of your famous filter coffee?”. Yes, we are a big fan of her style of Kumbakonam filter coffee. So whenever my grandma asked “what do you want?”, we just ask for her filter coffee. And still now the famous coffee maker of hers is a treasure of our kitchen.

Whenever we hear coffee it brings smile on our face and the same happened when we had a visit to Munnar, so our artificial eyes captured what we saw, thus we had a memory snap of coffee plantation….

Lets travel along with the love for coffee….., Yes, there are so many memories for us ¬†revolving around coffee…. During our first air travel we had the transit in Doha and being coffee lover, somehow found the biggest cup and had a big cup full of coffee from the hotel till flight take off…..and thats when we understood we shouldn’t feed babies with fluids during takeoff and landing…..and found a technique teether. ¬†When we had our first visit to Metzingen, I came across different coffee collection from Tchibo. Since my grandma was a big fan of coffee I decided to present her with different flavours of coffee from Germany. Though I had the Skype call till last hour before her death and my parents hid that from me. Since I will ask my parents to delay, the last procedures till my return. Since Iniya was two months old, it’s hard for our travel to India. On the day of her funeral mass we were in Metzingen and I bought a pair of instant coffee bottle from Tchibo……and it reached India flying without knowing that the receiver is no more.

And I packed them to India through his parents who were returning on new year eve.

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