Our post HG days. #part-1

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. If you are new to the site, the site is all about a mom who handled #hyperemesis_gravidarum by following some hacks. Today let’s move on to the days after #hyperemesis_gravidarum.

Innus play zone in Germany

That’s how we made a small play zone and tea zone.

The biggest challenge I faced during our stay in Germany was arranging home. Yes, I had my childhood days in a home where I had a separate room which was half the home in Germany. Yes, we had kitchen cum living, and a bathroom. While one of the two rooms we feel suffocation during summer due to its closed walls. Yes, a double cot fills the room completely. Since my grandpa used to stress the point of having the cradle where we get sunlight to its max, we used to shift our rooms during winter to the room where we had the glass door for getting max sunlight for Innus. He used to have so many docs regarding his phd, and since he plays keyboard we left that suffocating room for him. The remaining space is the walk passage to the rooms. We used that little area for play zone.

Forest theme room decor

Let me explain how I chose the location. The spot is in direct view from our entrance. So that I can have an eye on her when am cooking, since the house had plug points close to the floor. Though we had closed them we can’t believe our chutty. Then the door, which can be opened and thru it we can see people roaming and playing, which became our zone for teatime since we had no gadgets for entertainment. Then arranging the shelf, the last two shelves were for Innus. Yes, those carton boxes, we changed them for her daily use. Since she started using wax colour, I pasted some papers at her height to avoid wall scribbling.

Hope you might get shocked to see her toys. They are from various location, yes, once I was given a toy which aged 30 plus years. That was the point which made us to collect unique stuff for her. I just chart the need and wait for the correct time to grab them. I remember collecting stuff from Tanjore in India, to various location in Germany. The yoghurt tubs goes to her play zone for placing her toys, yes we segregate her toys and every night we check the missing toy. During the whole day time we just collect the toys coming across to the play zone. That’s how she had her toys so safe. We aim on recycling since we could kill a day when he is in lab the whole day, if he is in home he will be occupied by Skype from India and USA. Yes, the call ends only when all of us are in Skype.

Hope you all have seen our ancestral place in India. If you are new to the site do check our channel.


I dreamt of giving Innus the childhood days I had, since it was hard to give that in Germany. So I did my level best to bring her the days how we spent and that resulted in #learning_along_with_innus.

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