Our very first visit to Metzingen the outlet city in Baden Württemberg

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.

Hope you all have read my previous post on Hyperemesis Gravidarum, the way we found a doctor who can speak English in Tübingen. Let me continue the sufferings of the after effects of my travel in bus in today’s post. As I said earlier whenever I walk for ten mins continuously, I should fast for two days. The same happened after my doctor’s visit and I ought to get admitted for IV in hospital. Since he has to complete a paper for ICRA 2016 we had no other option. Yes, we stayed home without getting hospitalized. Meanwhile, we got an intimation call from Münster that they are visiting us during their return from Switzerland. We had only one option left, that’s take care of them with Tamil tradition and roam with them. I meant the word Tamil tradition to denote the way we served them in Tübingen, yes we had South Idian dishes for those days that too with some specials. For a person who can’t even hold her head straight because of severe vomit, is like climbing Everest during pregnant. They were waiting for kids so there was no issue for them to roam. But in my case, I should count each second for safe travel. They were in Tübingen for a weekend and since the shops are completely shut on Sundays, we ought to plan outing on other days. Thats how they planned and we had the visit to the outlet city for their shopping of branded goods. They planned Metzingen  visit for the brands available there. And we had the Stockerkahn drive in Tübingen. A special boat ride available in Tübingen. We roamed around the city for three days, while behind the scenes had vomit, ending on bleeding. That’s ok for today’s post.

Every post makes me to remember all those sufferings I had during the pregnancy and I feel hard to write all those sufferings in a single post. So I will continue them on next post. Keep on reading to know what HG is all about.

Before closing today’s post I would like to introduce a person’s post who have explained the effects of hypermesis gravidarum. Do check out her video and learn what’s all about….hypermesis gravidarum.

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