Quail egg curry with limited ingredients

Quail egg curry

When I started writing this post I was asked to create a new welcome note for my followers…..by my very big fan from miles away from India. I kept on thinking and finally found a unique style…..

Willkommen…….. von Iniyaworld

Welcome from Iniyaworld

Hope you all have read our previous post Bialetti Moka Coffee

Today lets try something unique in our kitchen…was Innus voice when she woke up and here we are with the new dish

After Innus voice we went to search the ingredients available in the kitchen since its complete lockdown in our area and found these cute little eggs and our crazy brain started to function and here we are with the Quail egg curry.

Finally after so many discussions we did a small online shopping….haave a small sneak peak….




Quail egg curry

The procedure is very simple and its in the video in our channel.

Heat oil in pan, add the spices and saute them. Then add ginger garlic paste to give a very good non veg flavour. Then add onions and saute them till golden brown. Add a pinch of salt for easy saute. Then add tomatoes and add the masala and saute till the spices gets cooked. Then add tamarind pulp, saute a little and finally add the boiled eggs. Reduce the flame to low and keep it a while for the eggs to absorb the masala. Finally its time to serve the dish.

Quail egg curry
Today’s “Guess the” series

Today we are having another surprise……to our Iniyaworld family after the “Guess the” product

Yes, we are launching some of our new series in Crochet…..which will be unique in their own way. Grab yours soon…

Product launch
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