Stone art 1

I used to watch the pebbles lying near a riverbed in Germany. I used to collect them as a memorandum of the place visited and try to add more beauty to the pebbles collected. And to keep my daughter busy I started to do some craft with them. I heard of dot painting in an FB group and thought to try it out on those pebbles collected from the Neckar river. First I painted Black color to bring out the colors stunning on completion.

How to use the stone art pebble:-

During our walk in Germany along with my little daughter, we came to see this beautiful succulent and we collected those and planted them on a damaged saucer. We placed those painted pebbles on the planted pots to add beauty to the art.

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  1. Kavitha Robert

    Very creative. You are really talented. God bless. Hope your passion takes you to great heights.

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