Our travel from Frankfurt to Tübingen during daysbefore Innus

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.

Hope you all have travelled from India to Frankfurt via Doha. Today let’s have a look on our travel journey from Frankfurt to Tübingen. Yes, we ought to travel southwards in Germany to reach our home in Tuebingen where he was pursuing his PhD in University of Tuebingen.

Since we had our early flight from Trivandrum, the capital of God’s own country, we landed up on Frankfurt at afternoon. Due to time change and improper diet on flight, I was very hungry and kept on nagging him to find something. To control my nagging he searched for a cafeteria, to have a mini lunch. Since we should be careful on intake because a small stimulation  of anything will end up in vomittting, which could  further end up in hospitalization. To catch our connectivity train to Stuttgart we ought to cross the road and we reached the first floor of the station. Somehow we crossed and reached the first floor with all those luggages. Meanwhile we found a cafeteria and he ordered something for me, since hotels were rare in my life. The person in charge parceled something which he ordered. I was shocked to see the parcel, since it was a sliced hard coat bread filled with lettuce, eggs and yogurt. Somehow I had those eggs and bread, without any stimulation of vomit. Finally, we ought to catch the train to Stuttgart and we reached the station. Though the view was awesome my health was getting detoriated and I had a short nap during our travel to Stuttgart. We reached Stuttgart train station and our train was waiting in next platform.

But my condition was very bad and made us to miss the train so we waited for half an hour to catch our next train to Tübingen. At last after a day long travel we reached Tübingen….and the longer days are waiting to welcome me….

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