HG symptom 6

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Good morning to you all. Yes, today’s post is the symptom which starts as soon as I get up. Hope you all have the habit of having tea with milk after brushing your teeth. I can’t drink even a drop of water before brushing. Here comes the symptom, when I keep my brush with any type of paste vomit starts. If it gets triggered in the morning hours it continues till late night and hence I can’t have even a single drop of water. Hope you have read my intake of food in the previous post. To stop this trigger I started to use salt and it worked out well. Hurrah I found a way finally.

Keep on reading to know more interesting facts on how I escaped death….

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Stone art 1

I used to watch the pebbles lying near a riverbed in Germany. I used to collect them as a memorandum of the place visited and try to add more beauty to the pebbles collected. And to keep my daughter busy I started to do some craft with them. I heard of dot painting in an FB group and thought to try it out on those pebbles collected from the Neckar river. First I painted Black color to bring out the colors stunning on completion.

How to use the stone art pebble:-

During our walk in Germany along with my little daughter, we came to see this beautiful succulent and we collected those and planted them on a damaged saucer. We placed those painted pebbles on the planted pots to add beauty to the art.

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HG symptom 5

The vomit which made me get hospitalized for four days occurred after some visible symptoms. They are as follows… There came the lunar cycle(full moon/no moon). Hope you all know about the crystallization of sugar which results during the making of sugar syrup, in the same way, my facial skin on my chin between the lower lip and lower jaw turn out like scales. I can’t even take my head off the bed, for which I should rest my head on a wall. For the first time, I don’t know about Hyperemesis gravidarum and its symptom, and I was severely dehydrated which resulted in the formation of ketone. Due to the formation of ketone they gave me IV for three days continuously to bring me back. Thanks, aunty (my gynaecologist) else am no more now. They gave me an injection to stop vomiting. And we came back home after five days in the hospital. After returning home for two days I am able to eat, a dosai with sambar in the morning, a cup of rice and fish in the afternoon along with aviyal, and a chappathi with a banana smash in the night….. this is my diet till ninth month…. Hope you all started to feel the severity of my peculiar vomiting.

My horrible days will be continued……

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HG symptom 4

As an Indian, you all are aware of the term which people start asking a married couple after a month of their marriage, “any good news?”. Yes, I too had the situation to hear this within a month of our marriage. Tears came out from the depth of my heart. For a girl to hear the good news is the best moment in life, but on seeing the various expression of people around me, made me think about aborting the child. Yes, there were many people who were waiting for a baby in my husband’s family and this is what which made me think out of abortion. I cried in mind and yes we started to receive good news from others too. Finally, I came to my parents home and my first hospitalization happened because of the lunar eclipse. My parents and grand parents were not aware of the term Hyperemesis gravidarum and for them if there is vomiting eat more. They were keeping on giving me more liquids and solid I kept on vomiting. If I drink 5ml of water there results in the vomiting of 200ml. This continued till late night and blood started to come out during my vomit. The next day I was hospitalized and various test resulted in the formation of ketone.

The process carried out in hospitalization will follow….

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Tuebingen Antiquemarket 2017

The small study city Tuebingen of Germany is famous for Music and Theology, welcomes the spring with many events and one among them is the antique market. The market holds an antique collection for the antique lovers. I was able to visit this market for the first time and I am amazed to see the antique items in the market square in front of the Rathaus. People from near by town reached the spot to grab their offers in the collection to add beauty to their home. While staying in Tuebingen its a must to watch event, of welcoming the spring.

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Rathaus(townhall) Tuebingen

                            Our next eye catching spot is the market square with the Rathaus(town hall), and historical buildings. The Neptune fountain is just in front of the town hall and is surrounded by the cobbled streets. We heard that the building was three floors in 1435 and was extended upwards in 1508. I was amazed to see the ornate Astronomical clock of 1511 which is still working as the Mathenmani clock in Trivandrum. Another amazing effect of the Rathaus is the painting on the wall facing the market square. The market square is the location for all the events like Chocolart, Christmas market, Antique market and so on.
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