Our very first visit to Metzingen the outlet city in Baden Württemberg

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.

Hope you all have read my previous post on Hyperemesis Gravidarum, the way we found a doctor who can speak English in Tübingen. Let me continue the sufferings of the after effects of my travel in bus in today’s post. As I said earlier whenever I walk for ten mins continuously, I should fast for two days. The same happened after my doctor’s visit and I ought to get admitted for IV in hospital. Since he has to complete a paper for ICRA 2016 we had no other option. Yes, we stayed home without getting hospitalized. Meanwhile, we got an intimation call from Münster that they are visiting us during their return from Switzerland. We had only one option left, that’s take care of them with Tamil tradition and roam with them. I meant the word Tamil tradition to denote the way we served them in Tübingen, yes we had South Idian dishes for those days that too with some specials. For a person who can’t even hold her head straight because of severe vomit, is like climbing Everest during pregnant. They were waiting for kids so there was no issue for them to roam. But in my case, I should count each second for safe travel. They were in Tübingen for a weekend and since the shops are completely shut on Sundays, we ought to plan outing on other days. Thats how they planned and we had the visit to the outlet city for their shopping of branded goods. They planned Metzingen  visit for the brands available there. And we had the Stockerkahn drive in Tübingen. A special boat ride available in Tübingen. We roamed around the city for three days, while behind the scenes had vomit, ending on bleeding. That’s ok for today’s post.

Every post makes me to remember all those sufferings I had during the pregnancy and I feel hard to write all those sufferings in a single post. So I will continue them on next post. Keep on reading to know what HG is all about.

Before closing today’s post I would like to introduce a person’s post who have explained the effects of hypermesis gravidarum. Do check out her video and learn what’s all about….hypermesis gravidarum.

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Our very first checkup in Germany…with an English speaking gynaecologist

    A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.

Hope you all have read my previous post on our hunt for English-speaking gynaecologist in Tübingen. Today let’s have a fun-filled reading on how I got introduced to our gynaecologist.

        On our day of appointment we woke early in spite of jetlag and got ready slowly, since hurried work will result in severe vomiting. I was very careful since the lunar cycle was around the clock which may lead to hospitalisation. I have explained the effects of lunar cycle in my previous posts on hyperemesis gravidarum and my regular hospitalisation date was nearing. For morning breakfast I had prepared bread toast or French toast and surprisingly I had around three to four slices gradually till I reached the hospital. As I said in the vermicelli payasam recipe, I ought to add thrice the amount of sugar to reach our taste level. After packing our bag we started our walk slowly and reached Ahornweg. The board at stop said bus will be in five minutes,  when we were waiting, my eyes got filled with pain. Since for every step I take my health was deteriorating. 

The bus came and I got in to the bus through the middle door and before getting seated, the driver started the bus and I fell on seat. From that day I used to get in through the front door since the driver will wait till I get seated. We travelled for minutes and reached the city center and got down at Nonnenhaus.


After a small walk for ten minutes we reached the hospital. In the hospital the receptionist wrote the mutterpass and asked us to wait for a while. Though my insurance was on the way, since we had applied for insurance they gave an appointment for check up. The most difficult part of the hospital visits were that only our gynaecologist knew English. Somehow the nurses took blood samples for testing. Meanwhile they recorded the test results in mutterpass and it passed to doctor’s table. Soon after sometime the doctor came out screaming ” who is Frau Gladson?”, since they call us by our surname. We stood and she asked do you have ancestral history of diabetes?. With much tension I said yes, and with no time delay she asked the receptionist to carry out the next procedure. They spoke in German and I was so tensed till then we recognised the happenings.  They took samples and it went to Universität klinikum. Before taking samples, they gave me a whole cup of glucose solution and after an hour they took blood samples. After all those procedures they asked us to come back on next week by same day. With much tension we came home and soon after our return I started to vomit till the blood accompanied and our next step was to get admitted for IV……

Let’s have a break….keep on guessing about the hospitalization in Germany…….

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In search of English speaking Gynaecologist in Germany!!!

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.  Today’s let’s see how we found a doctor in Deutschland.

             For delivery in Germany, we ought to follow some procedures before finding a gynaecologist in Germany. From next day of our travel we were running to Bürgerbüro Stadtmitte, for my visa extension. Since I had only limited time for extension, we rushed the procedures for visa extension.

                      Then there came a storm in two days, a mail from the office stating I need a block account for my stay. But as per the verse “I will go before you and correct all those hurdles from your way” his director solved the issue. Then our biggest burden was to find the gynaecologist who speaks English. With a whole bunch of doctors list who were suggested by his friends, we started our search. Since my condition was too bad, we can’t wait for doctors appointment. So we went to those hospitals and had a request for appointment. Being the month of summer, doctors were for vacation. I used to pray to God “please give me a doctor who can read my pain from my eyes”. Yes, a true doctor is the one who can hear the patients pain from their eyes. Thank God, for he had shown us a doctor, the answer to my prayer. She was similar to my mom and grandma. Yes, she was the one who moulded my mind to face the #hyperemesis_gravidarum.

So now let’s have a look on our doctors intro….. we had three doctors name and we had to strike off the first doctor’s name since we ought to wait till next month, since the doctor was on vacation for a month.

                          Then in hospital of second doctor in the list….she will be back in two weeks….was the answer from receptionist. We requested a possible way for checkup and she suggested to have an appointment with the gynaecologist available now. Since we ought to have a check up after travel we said, yes. Finally we had the appointment of the doctor on the third day from the visit to the hospital and our hospital visit was a fun filled one and thrilling so let’s wait on for the next post…….

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God’s unlimited surprise for our kitchen!

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts. Today let’s see how God provided me whatever we needed in kitchen. For those who travel miles on air are familiar with the restrictions on check-ins. Since it was our second travel after marriage we ought to parcel everything from spoon.

We had certain purchase from Vasanth and co. The day on which I came to know the value of regular customer. They suggested a pressure cooker for hot plate, certain nonstick cookware and ultra mixer for abroad. The products are of high quality and and it took a year for the products to become common. By the way soon I replaced all nonstick cookware since it didn’t suited hot plate because of the base. Though I havnt cooked alone, I knew the way my mom had her kitchen arrangements. So I collected those stuffs which ought to be in kitchen instead of whatever I like to be in kitchen. Hope you all know, we South Indians need a grinder for our breakfast.  When we started our hunt, my friend suggested a model from Vidiem, and to our surprise it was 7kg, which was 3 kg lesser than normal models. This helped us to carry something more for our stay in Tübingen. The only thing, I missed was something similar to the dosa maker in the video.

Yes, the iron tawa from my grandma. The history of tawa goes to Kumbakonam where my grandpa served as Sub Judge in early 80s. With limited stuff, we reached Tübingen, to my surprise a person stuffed everything in our home, since they were shifting to USA. To my shock she placed an iron tawa for dosa. We had the kitchen ingredients for our whole family (6 people when iniya was born). It was my biggest job to arrange all those stuffs. The task was to arrange everything in 40sqm room while I was born and brought up in 2500sqm home excluding the garden area. In short the living room in Germany was equivalent to our home’s hall, while the other two rooms can hold only a double cot.

My very first task was to separate kitchen stuff based  on certain category and it should be easy for my in laws when they visit us in winter. 

We had the shelves as in pic and we ought to stuff everything within this shelves. Since its limited space I planned to have small bottles for regular use of Masala and the stock goes to the cupboard near by. To have a look on how I arranged check out the video below.

I  strained for a day arranging everything and had severe vomit which ended up in bleeding. Everyday I had to face something challenging , so keep on reading to know how we managed our days in Germany without being hospitalized. That’s how my pressure for kitchen stuffs were reduced by God’s unlimited surprises.

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Our travel from Frankfurt to Tübingen during daysbefore Innus

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts.

Hope you all have travelled from India to Frankfurt via Doha. Today let’s have a look on our travel journey from Frankfurt to Tübingen. Yes, we ought to travel southwards in Germany to reach our home in Tuebingen where he was pursuing his PhD in University of Tuebingen.

Since we had our early flight from Trivandrum, the capital of God’s own country, we landed up on Frankfurt at afternoon. Due to time change and improper diet on flight, I was very hungry and kept on nagging him to find something. To control my nagging he searched for a cafeteria, to have a mini lunch. Since we should be careful on intake because a small stimulation  of anything will end up in vomittting, which could  further end up in hospitalization. To catch our connectivity train to Stuttgart we ought to cross the road and we reached the first floor of the station. Somehow we crossed and reached the first floor with all those luggages. Meanwhile we found a cafeteria and he ordered something for me, since hotels were rare in my life. The person in charge parceled something which he ordered. I was shocked to see the parcel, since it was a sliced hard coat bread filled with lettuce, eggs and yogurt. Somehow I had those eggs and bread, without any stimulation of vomit. Finally, we ought to catch the train to Stuttgart and we reached the station. Though the view was awesome my health was getting detoriated and I had a short nap during our travel to Stuttgart. We reached Stuttgart train station and our train was waiting in next platform.

But my condition was very bad and made us to miss the train so we waited for half an hour to catch our next train to Tübingen. At last after a day long travel we reached Tübingen….and the longer days are waiting to welcome me….

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My torments of pregnant days. 2

Hope you all have read my previous post on how I got ready for the marriage function. Thus is the continuation of the previous post. 

If I remember I asked my mom to leave earlier since I was unable to stay in the noisy crowd. Some how I had the feast (lunch) and reached my parents home as it was 5 mins away from the church. As soon as I reached home I vomitted everything which I had and slept for an hour.

Finally I should go for the reception which was 18 kms away from our home. Though I travelled this distance daily for my college, I felt like crossing Himalayas. Eventhough I can’t stay straight I ought to wear the uniform Saree for the function (for a snap) somehow I worn it and reached the hall. As everyone enjoyed the feast I returned home empty stomach since I was having vomit during the function. Finally I slept with an idly. Though the news made me to remember this am praying for the princess.

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