Thiruvithamcode Arapally

The historic Arapally at Thiruvithamcode was established by St. Thomas, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ in AD 63. In AD 52 he arrived at Malankara and established 7 churches and entrusted four families with the responsibilities of these churches. He went to Malay Peninsula, China, and Persia for preaching and on 63 AD he reached Chinnamuttom, the famous trading center, and harbor town. He received the support from local King of Thiruvithamcode, “Yokim” for his zealous work. He obtained the permission to set up the church. The king and his administration along with the religious leader Thiruvallor Nayanar helped him to establish the church. He baptized 64 upper caste families and made them members of the church. The church is built in quarried¬†chiseled stone.The stone pillars and its carvings represent the ancient architectural heritage of Coromandel coast. The baptismal forst, granite-carved cross, and the ancient stone which the priest used for washing their feet remain untouched throughout the years. It prevails as the oldest church that has not been reconstructed so far, leaving it as a heritage center of the world.

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HG symptom 6

Thanks a lot for your support till now. Share the blog post with #saveagirlfromHG if you feel that it could save a girl from death during pregnancy because of hyperemesis gravidarum.
Good morning to you all. Yes, today’s post is the symptom which starts as soon as I get up. Hope you all have the habit of having tea with milk after brushing your teeth. I can’t drink even a drop of water before brushing. Here comes the symptom, when I keep my brush with any type of paste vomit starts. If it gets triggered in the morning hours it continues till late night and hence I can’t have even a single drop of water. Hope you have read my intake of food in the previous post. To stop this trigger I started to use salt and it worked out well. Hurrah I found a way finally.

Keep on reading to know more interesting facts on how I escaped death….

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HG symptom 5

The vomit which made me get hospitalized for four days occurred after some visible symptoms. They are as follows… There came the lunar cycle(full moon/no moon). Hope you all know about the crystallization of sugar which results during the making of sugar syrup, in the same way, my facial skin on my chin between the lower lip and lower jaw turn out like scales. I can’t even take my head off the bed, for which I should rest my head on a wall. For the first time, I don’t know about Hyperemesis gravidarum and its symptom, and I was severely dehydrated which resulted in the formation of ketone. Due to the formation of ketone they gave me IV for three days continuously to bring me back. Thanks, aunty (my gynaecologist) else am no more now. They gave me an injection to stop vomiting. And we came back home after five days in the hospital. After returning home for two days I am able to eat, a dosai with sambar in the morning, a cup of rice and fish in the afternoon along with aviyal, and a chappathi with a banana smash in the night….. this is my diet till ninth month…. Hope you all started to feel the severity of my peculiar vomiting.

My horrible days will be continued……

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HG symptom 2

The next irritation is for the science invention, which shrink the world. Yes, for cell phones. Invention of cell phones is to get in touch with our loved ones who are miles away. When I was waiting for my dependent  visa, we are miles away, the only means of communication is by skype and phones. But am allergic to the radiation. I cant even hold the phone for two mins. This made me to get stressed more and then I started to use speaker facility. The time difference played another role for my vomiting sensation. Gradually I stood away from phones and used skype more.

The next symptom makes you all laugh. Wait for the next update.

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HG symptom 1

As I said in the peculiar vomiting blog post, we started to pen down my irritations. My irritation to vomit list was endless and here are a few of my noted irritations. A day in my pregnant life starts with the irritation to vomit by toothpaste. I was unable to brush my teeth with any type of toothpaste. When I say this none believed and everyone started to tease me saying ” You are exaggerating the things”. Finally I found a way all of my own, brushing with iodized salt. This helped me a lot to get rid of vomit irritation by toothpaste. Can anyone imagine how hard is¬†hyperemesis gravidarum is? Keep in touch for the next irritation. Every symptom is unimaginable.

Keep on sharing this since someone in the world is suffering because of this. Its found only in 2% people. I am writing this to save a person from death.

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Our Good news

We were waiting for the visa and finally we received the confirmation letter for my visa stamping. At last my packing started for my abroad travel. Meanwhile I was suffering from fever and I had antibiotics. On the day of my travel to Chennai, for visa, we came to know about the good news. The idea to test for it came in mind because of the vomiting. We were the happiest when we came to know about the good news. Though every pregnant woman have morning sickness due to hormonal changes and acidic nature of the stomach, mine stood out of the crowd.

Keep on reading for more information on this peculiar type of pregnancy.

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