urssujitandrenee -1 (how it was coined)

A very big hai to everyone who are following my blog posts…. from urssujitandrenee

As soon as you read the heading, your mind will be asking a question, “what’s urssujitandrenee?”. To know what’s it all about, we ought to go back to 2014. Yes, 2014 the year when Sujit and Renee got introduced with the help of Dr Babu Johnrose who owns a hospital in Melpuram. Yes, Sujit came to our home on 1-1-2014 and our wedding got fixed.

From then we had so many plans, designing our wedding event. Among those plans one was our website. Yes, we decided to launch a website www.urssujitandrenee.com for wedding with some future plans thats how we coined the word. Unluckily my father in law and brother in law stopped our plans saying I should take care Iniya alone and blocked our plans with a secret plan in their mind which will be revealed in future posts.

Ok let it be, we reneeandinnus, did a rewind of how www.urssujitandrenee.com should be developed and thought why can’t we share our experience with you all..? So here comes our rewind of urssujitandrenee episode 1.

Memories from our wedding diaries

Since its rewind, we decided to start from the most precious memories of urssujitandrenee. The above pic was taken from the ceremony – a day before our wedding.

The most valuable pic from our collection…. yes, the pic of his was the one, which he forwarded when the function was going on in two different places. And the pic of mine was shot when he stepped into our marriage hall…bringing it to our most precious collection…. A few more details are there behind the pic, which I guess can be updated as next episode.. Since we love sharing our roller coaster ride.

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