Trinelveli fame halwa with limited ingredients

Hope you are all enjoying our easy recipes. “Limited ingredients for best result” is our idea behind the easy kitchen recipe.

Today’s it’s the Trinelveli fame halwa. I love iruttukadai halwa and my love towards it resulted in one of our recipe in wedding reception of ours on 28th Dec 2014. We had a few people who travelled all the way from Germany to enjoy with us. To make our dinner unique my uncle helped me to get the iruttukadai halwa from Trinelveli. And after our wedding, before my travel to Germany one of our guest, my friend asked about the baked bread. To my surprise she was asking about this Halwa and it’s uniqueness. If I remember I promised her that I will make this for her in Germany. But to my surprise she shifted to Toulouse, before my travel. My dear it’s inĀ  my checklist to make this for you.

This is my motivation to learn halwa making and now recipe….

As my saying “taste is my measurement” I have ingredients in rough calculation.

  1. Broken wheat (kanchi godhumai ravai in tamil)
  2. Sugar
  3. Ghee.

It has three steps

Step 1

Soak 2 cups of broken wheat at least for six hours.

Step 2

Drain the water and wash it once to remove the odd odour which gets generated due to soaking.

Step 3

Add a little water and start kneading the wheat. When kneading it will start to generate milk. Keep on kneading and drain the milk over a sieve into a vessel. Continue this till the wheat starts to become sticky like glue. The watery milk collected is kept aside for 30 mins to get sediment. Then drain the water above sediment carefully and pour the remaining in iron kadai kept on stove. Stir well and add 2 cups of sugar or the quantity you needed. Keep on stirring in between and when it reaches a thick batter start adding ghee and stir well. Here the ghee disappears. When the halwa gets thicker add ghee and stir. Keep on doing this till the halwa start spitting out the ghee. That’s the point when you should stopĀ  adding ghee. Keep on stirring without gaps to prevent clogs in halwa. When it spits out all the ghee you can switch off the stove and remove it to a vessel. Drain the ghee if needed. I suggest to remove a little. I used to avoid raisins if needed add fried raisins before the halwa spitting out ghee.

This is the written step which I followed and for vlog just comment.

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